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Of Course Bryan Callen Blamed His Rape Accusations on Cancel

After defending Chris D\'Elia, Bryan Callen was accused of sexual assault. He blamed it on cancel culture - because of course he did! ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Twitter Says ‘Phone Spear Phishing’ Let Hackers

Twitter has provided an update on what happened the day the social media giant lost control over its platform. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

First Mover: Chainlink’s Soaring Token Shows Lucrative

Chainlink\'s LINK token soared almost 60% in July as cryptocurrency traders fawned over DeFi projects and their rapid growth. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 31, 2020

With the dollar dropping to its lowest level since May 2018 and a reshuffle in Japan\'s central bank, CoinDesk\'s Markets Daily is back. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Stimulus Is Failing: Global Banks to Break Support Levels, U

Central banks worldwide have injected further stimulus into the economy, as European Union (EU) leaders recently approved a $2.1 trillion budget, the ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ether Rockets 50% in 5-Year Anniversary Month: What?s Behind

As Ethereum turns five years old, Ether is up 50% over the past month with two main catalysts driving the uptrend, namely DeFi and ETH 2.0. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Textbook Bull Pattern Predicts Bitcoin Could Hit $14,000 in

Bitcoin has pulled back after the explosion higher on Monday. The asset now trades at $10,900 as of this article’s writing, five percent shy of the ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin?s Option Market Is Now Skewed Bullish

Bitcoin?s price jumped to fresh 11-month highs on Friday with the options market betting on a sustained bull move. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin Trading Is Booming in Uncertain Russia, With 350% Sp

Bitcoin trading is growing in Russia. That’s despite attempts by the government to make it difficult for investors to do so. For years, Russian lawm ...
31-07-2020 22:35

US Printed More Money in One Month Than in Two Centuries

The Federal Reserve?s money printer has cranked up to ridiculous levels ? but will it really lead to inflation" ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin Price Climbs to $11,200, But Three Factors Hint at a

The price of Bitcoin spikes to $11,200 but three key factors suggest that a short-term pullback is likely as the BTC rally becomes overheated. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

BTC Futures Trading on Bakkt Surges

It looks like Bakkt is experiencing a sudden surge in business. Bakkt Is Pulling a Few Unexpected Punches Recently, it was reported that the instituti ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ethereum?s Breakout Rally Suggests Bitcoin is Poised to Expl

Ethereum and Bitcoin are both showing immense signs of strength today as they push towards their recently established key resistance levels ETH once ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Government-Backed Tokenized Gold With ?Killer Features?

A crypto consortium including Bittrex Global, Ledger, CertiK, and Uphold, has launched a gold token backed by the world?s largest refiner of newly min ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Riot Reverses Saudi Partnership, But Employees Expose Bigger

Riot Games ends its partnership with the Saudi-backed NEOM development but the backlash against the League of Legends company hasn\'t stopped. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

DeFi User Base Needs to Be More Decentralized, Says Former C

A panel of known Ethereum investors and influencers discussed decentralization and the value of the total value locked in DeFi. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Facebook Earnings Prove the Ad Boycott Was a Total Joke

Proponents of the Facebook ad boycott talked a big game, but FB\'s earnings prove it was never anything more than a joke. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin on Track for Highest July Price Gain in 8 Years

Bitcoin appears on track to register its best July price performance for eight years and confirm a major bullish breakout in the process. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ripple Paid MoneyGram $15.1M in ‘Market Development Fe

With the $15.1 million in Q2, MoneyGram has so far received $43 million for providing liquidity for Ripple?s XRP-based settlement system. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bank of Japan Appoints Top Economist to Head Up CBDC Researc

The Bank of Japan insists it has no immediate plans to issue a digital yen, but research into the potential of CBDCs continues apace. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Digitex Launches Much-Anticipated Zero-Fee Bitcoin Futures P

Digitex Ltd has announced the launch of its hotly anticipated commission-free Bitcoin futures trading platform, Digitex Futures. In addition to the a ...
31-07-2020 22:35

What a Professional Trader Thinks of the Fed, Robinhood and

The editor of the Morning Navigator newsletter discusses a variety of macro topics and how to trade against a very strange market. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Fidelity Digital Assets Quotes Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakam

Fidelity Digital Assets (FDA) quotes Satoshi Nakamoto in its latest investment thesis report. The thesis is part of a series of reports examining the ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Tech's Antitrust Issues Flare Up on Both Sides of the New ?C

At the request of the People?s Bank of China, Beijing could soon probe its digital payments monopolies, sources claim. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Chainalysis: Too Much BTC Is Still Owned by Dark Market Play

Despite all bitcoin has accomplished over the past 12 years, it looks like the world?s number one cryptocurrency by market still holds a very prominen ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Stablecoin Staking is Finally Possible: Neutrino USD (USDN)

As the market capitalization of USDT and USDC keeps rising, recent asset freezes underline their inherent risks. Will these incidents cause more inves ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Chinese Police Take Down $6 Billion Plustoken Ponzi, Arrest

Chinese authorities have reportedly arrested 109 people in connection with the Plustoken Ponzi scheme. Twenty-seven of them are allegedly the scheme†...
31-07-2020 22:35

Lawsuit: Investors Can't Prove Ripple Knew XRP Had ?No Utili

Lawyers for Brad Garlinghouse haven?t argued the Ripple CEO?s statements in extolling XRP were true, simply that they can?t be proven false. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Decentralized Exchange Bancor Officially Launches Upgraded V

After months of work, Bancor V2 finally launches promising to improve the user experience for both traders and liquidity providers. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ellen DeGeneres Finally Breaks ‘Bullying’ Silenc

Ellen DeGeneres finally spoke up about her show\'s toxic workplace ? and the "memo" was as fake and as narcissistic as she is. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Law Decoded: Big Tech, Central Banks and the Hunt for Monopo

The leaders in this week?s policy news focus on some case studies in power accumulation that more than anything show why decentralization tech matters ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ripple Says XRP Lawsuit Based on ‘Unsupported Leaps of

Ripple has hit back at the lead plaintiff in an ongoing class-action lawsuit that accuses the firm and its CEO of securities fraud. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Just One Stock Saved the Dow from Collapsing Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dove on Friday, but one stock saved it from suffering a complete collapse. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Secure and Anonymize Your Bitcoin Transactions With MyCrypto

When Satoshi Nakamoto published the groundbreaking Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, it obtained much fanfare amongst the cypherpunk community. A pre-progra ...
31-07-2020 22:35

CoinDesk Live Recap: Co-Founders Revisit Ethereum’s La

Ethereum was always a wild experiment. Now, five years later, a few early believers explain why they are more bullish than ever. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Blockchain Bites: Dollar’s Decline, Ether’s Mone

Coinbase is considering adding 19 new assets, the SEC tapped CipherTrace for its Binance-specific tracing tools and 132% of Ether wallets are in profi ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin Cash Games Launches $3K Leaderboard Tournament to Ce

To celebrate the third anniversary of Bitcoin Cash, the world-class gaming platform Bitcoin Cash Games we want to celebrate the third BCH anniversary ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Noncustodial Technology and Security Is the Inevitable Futur

There?s no doubt noncustodial technology is the future ? it?s just a question of when it enters the mainstream. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin Looks Structurally Similar to Start of Rally to $20,

Despite the surge over the past few weeks, not all analysts are convinced Bitcoin is in a full-blown bull market. There remain commentators who argue ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Indian Government Confirms Crypto Bill Is ‘Awaiting Ap

The Indian government has confirmed in a Right to Information (RTI) reply that the inter-ministerial committee’s cryptocurrency bill is “awaiting ...
31-07-2020 22:35

XRP Is Up 30% and Has 30 New Whales

Thirty new whales are gobbling up XRP in a sign some big investors are rethinking the cryptocurrency. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Blockchain Could Help Content Generation Industry Be More Pr

Blockchain can play a role in solving the profitability challenges of content generation industry giants like TikTok. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Analyst: The Bitcoin Price Is Spiking Because It’s Rar

Bitcoin has been experiencing some extremely bullish patterns as of late. The currency has managed to spike by roughly $2,000 in just a matter of week ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ethereum is Touching a Key Resistance Level, and It Could Sp

Ethereum is flashing signs of immense strength as it pushes up towards its high time frame resistance at $350 This level has long been a target that ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Blockchain Is Part of Australia?s Cyber Security Solution, S

Australian experts suggest blockchain is an integral part to protecting Australia?s business and government from cyber attacks. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Here’s 3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing Apple’s

Apple saw record-high iPad and services revenues in China, recording a revenue of $9.33 billion in Q3, further diversifying its business. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

A 17 Year Old Was Just Arrested in Connection With Twitter's

Authorities have taken a teen into custody, claiming him to be the brains behind the recent Twitter breach. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Does Xbox Really Think Halo Infinite Can Crush Call of Duty

It looks more and more like Xbox wants Halo Infinite to swipe Call of Duty Warzone\'s crown. Does it really have a chance" ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bank of Japan Puts Top Economist in Charge of Digital Yen In

The central bank\'s most senior economist now runs the department responsible for the digital currency task force and working group with other central ...
31-07-2020 22:35

FinCEN Warns on Coronavirus Scams Demanding Crypto

FinCEN is warning cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic, and asks firms to be especially vigilant regarding their dealings with virtual ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Longfin Ordered to Repay $223M to Investors

Longfin, a blockchain-related firm that conducted a $27 million IPO in 2017, has been ordered to repay $223 million to investors. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Binance?s Trust Wallet Hits 5M Users, Expands DeFi Services

Binance owned Trust Wallet has hit a five million user milestone, it is now delving into the DeFi sector. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin is Going to Hit $13,500 This Quarter; Analyst Explai

Bitcoin may continue its current bull run to hit $13,500 this quarter, according to a technical setup presented by analyst Vince Prince. The TradingV ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Officials Arrest 3 Allegedly Behind Twitter Hack

A Florida teenager suspected of spearheading the massive Twitter hack and subsequent high-profile bitcoin scam is in custody. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Stablecoin Cold Storage Backed by Satoshis ? Simba is a New

When it comes to Switzerland, first of all, people have associations with first-class chocolate, delicious cheese, the most precise watches, multi-pur ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Dai Supply Hits New Highs as Efforts to Restore Peg See Limi

The total supply for DAI tripled since June as the community keeps raising the supply limits to bring the peg down to $1. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Bulls Aim Massive Breakout Above $300

Bitcoin cash price started a fresh increase above the $255 and $280 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The price even tagged the $300 resistanc ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Goldman Chief That Slammed Bitcoin Says Gold Has No Role For

Months ago, Goldman Sachs made headlines across the Bitcoin community for saying cryptocurrencies are “not an asset class.” Now, the same Goldman ...
31-07-2020 22:35

As Gold Touches New Highs Investors Face Storage Issues, Mar

During the last few weeks, gold has skyrocketed in value over the concerns fueled by the faltering global economy. Despite the fact that gold has alwa ...
31-07-2020 22:35

MEW Founder: ?The Full Reality of ETH 2.0 Is Still Years Awa

MyEtherWallet?s founder believes ETH 2.0?s beacon chain will launch this year but says the ?full reality? is still some way off. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Mastercard and Visa Are Making Bold Moves Toward Mass Crypto

Global payment processors Mastercard and Visa are laying the foundations for crypto support that may drive adoption on a global scale. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

The Dow Jones Will Suffer in an Economy Without ‘Mouth

The Dow Jones Industrial Average faces serious headwinds as it navigates an economy without "mouths or noses" with little tech exposure. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Price Analysis 7/31: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA,CRO,

Bitcoin finally broke through the $11.2K resistance and Ethereum?s continued strength is likely to pull several altcoin prices higher. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Elrond Launches Onto Mainnet, Reduces Token Supply by 99%

Elrond?s move onto its mainnet will replace 19.98 billion testnet tokens with 20 million mainnet tokens at a rate of 1000:1. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

It’s About Time Hollywood Turns on Ellen DeGeneres

Brad Garrett was one of the first celebrities to openly denounce Ellen DeGeneres. By the looks of things, he won\'t be the last. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Ethereum 2.0: Closer Than Ever, Still Plenty of Work to Do

Five years later, Ethereum is still chugging along as a decentralized platform for self-executing code. Eth 2.0 is quite close, but for real this time ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Money Reimagined: Let?s Be Privacy Scolds

Technical solutions to protect financial privacy may not suffice. Stronger cultural norms around minding one?s own business are needed as well. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Bitcoin an Option, as Dennis Gartman Says He’s Exiting

Gold bull Dennis Gartman is moving out of gold because the market has become “too crowded.” In an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, Gartman sa ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Twitter Releases Details of Attack Vector Used by Crypto Hac

Twitter has published an update on its investigation into the causes of the recent hack, during which 12 Bitcoin was conned out of the platform?s user ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Credits Blockchain Launches Two Mobile Apps To Enhance Custo, the blockchain-based payment system, launched its two innovative mobile wallets for iOS and Android users at once – the CS Crypto Walle ...
31-07-2020 22:35

pTokens project launches pNetwork DAO with staking rewards o

London, Friday 31st July 2020 – The pTokens project has today launched the pNetwork DAO, giving holders of the governance token $PNT the opportunity ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Tokenized Real Estate Hasn?t Lived Up to the Hype: Property

Despite early hype, real estate tokenization has failed to garner significant momentum, leading some to question its future viability. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Margin Trading And Lending On The Crypto Market

In recent years, many of you who are interested in crypto, probably have noticed the continuous growth of the number of new exchange products that hel ...
31-07-2020 22:35

As Private Seed Funds Dry Up, European Blockchain Firms Seek

Publicly-backed VC firms are stepping in where private investors retreat, according to a new report on Central and Eastern European tech investments. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Chainlink Partners With State of Colorado to Help Create A N

Chainlink and the Colorado State Lottery have partnered on a hackathon with the goal of creating new games to generate $1 billion in future revenues f ...
31-07-2020 22:35

PS5 Insider Leak Teases Next-Gen Plunge in August State of P

According to the latest insider nod, Sony is reportedly planning a PS5-focused State of Play for sometime between Aug. 5 and Aug. 11. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Five Years of Ethereum: From a Teenage Dream to a $38B Block

How far has the Ethereum blockchain come in the five years since its inception" We explore key developments, changes and challenges. ...
31-07-2020 22:35

Could Australia Become Asia?s Crypto Derivatives Hub"

Mine Digital CEO Grant Colthup said Australia?s recent success in the crypto space could be extended to Asia. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Comparing Money Laundering With Cryptocurrencies and Fiat

Laundering money with Bitcoin is actually an ineffective strategy because of its complexity and high risk. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

3 Reasons Not to Panic as Bitcoin Miners to Exchange Flow Sp

On-chain data shows miners have sold more than they mined in the past week, but this might not necessarily impact BTC price for three reasons. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Asia’s Unlikely Coronavirus Outbreaks Back ‘One

Hong Kong and Vietnam now face new coronavirus outbreaks, stroking concerns of a second wave of infections in parts of Asia. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

US Banks Get Crypto Custody Nod, but Instant Demand Surge Is

Announcement by U.S. OCC to fuel business opportunities for crypto exchanges, custodians and traditionals banks. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Valve Shuts Steam’s Cheap Pricing Flaw – But Wil

Steam has a new policy that aims to combat region price abuse, but it\'s going to end up doing more harm than good if the reactions on Twitter are any ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Dow Caves Because Earnings Season Doesn?t Get Bigger Than Th

The Dow Jones caved on Thursday after the worst GDP crash in history cast a shadow on the biggest day of Q2 earnings season. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Blockchain Is Key to Future 'Hyperconnected Economy,' Say Re

According to a report by market research firm HFS Research, blockchain technology will play a decisive role in establishing the future ?hyperconnected ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Dow, S&P 500 Under Pressure as Economic Recovery Stalls

The U.S. stock market is down sharply on Thursday as investors take in dismal GDP and unemployment numbers. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Central Banks Are Privacy Providers of Last Resort

If central banks issue digital currencies, they\'ll be thrown into a debate about financial privacy in the modern era. Is that what they want" ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Novogratz: Global ‘Liquidity Pump’ Will Keep Bit

Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz said global “liquidity pump” from stimulus packages will keep driving bitcoin’s price higher. He expects ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Is Blockchain-Based RBAC the Future of Access Control"

Blockchain technology is best known for making cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin secure. Due to the fact that it can be used to provide a secure ledger ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Blockchain Bites: Plus Token Ponzi Popped, Cardano Forked an

Cardano is now running as a proof-of-stake network, the Marines banned crypto mining and crypto reacts to the congressional inquiry into Big Tech\'s m ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Bybit presents World Series of Trading (WSOT) – 200 BT

While movie theaters may be unusually empty this time of the year, a different kind of summer blockbuster is coming soon, one that promises to bring b ...
30-07-2020 22:21

EOS Price Analysis: Dips Could Find Strong Bids For Fresh Ra

EOS price started a steady increase above the $2.800 and $3.000 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The price traded to a new monthly high at $3 ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Diginex?s Equos Set To Become First Crypto Exchange Listed i

An upcoming merger is slated to see Diginex?s newly launched Equos exchange become the first crypto trading platform listed in the United States. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Ampleforth (AMPL) Freefalls After Breaking Below $1; Will it

Ampleforth is currently caught in the throes of an intense downtrend that has caused it to decline significantly This comes as its economic structure ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Theta Partners With Korean Gaming Platform to Reward Its 3M

The token-powered Esports streaming platform Theta has expanded into Korea, partnering with the popular gaming-centric social platform Ludena Protocol ...
30-07-2020 22:21

China Didn?t Ban Bitcoin Entirely, Says Beijing Arbitration

Bitcoin-related activities are not prohibited by the Chinese government as the cryptocurrency acts as a virtual commodity. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Riot Games’ Shameful Saudi Partnership Could Prompt Ta

Riot Games announces a League of Legends esports partnership with the Saudi government, prompting major criticism from fans and shoutcasters. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

Zcash Company Confirms ?Crypto in Context? Program as Global

Zcash?s creator, the Electric Coin Company, confirmed that their recent educational program is a global effort with more events in the months ahead. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

PS5 ‘Retail’ Update Could Force Sony to Reveal N

The latest rumor suggests Sony will showcase the PS5\'s so far elusive UI to avoid leaks potentially stemming from a dev kit update. ...
30-07-2020 22:21

27 Key Execs at PlusToken Scam Are Reportedly Arrested

PlusToken, one of the greatest exit scams in history, defrauded investors of nearly $6 billion, according to latest reports. ...
30-07-2020 22:21
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Ethereum?s ?Resilience? Suggests That a Massi...

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