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Bitcoin SV Sets the Stage for Extreme Price Crash

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) rally did not manage to keep up to its highest level. For now, BSV survives with significant gains, but the price is yet to dump....
21-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin to Conquer $12.5K Level Before May, Says Veteran Tra

Bitcoin has established itself in the $7,600-$9,000 range, and is slowly regaining momentum. Veteran crypto trader, Filbfilb, confirms in his latest D...
21-01-2020 21:17

Major Central Banks Form CBDC Think Tank

The Bank of Canada along with other central banks from Japan, Switzerland, England, Sweden, and the European Central Bank (ECB) are looking to work to...
21-01-2020 21:17

Ethereum Price to Set New 6-Month High: Crypto Analyst

Ethereum price was recently on its way back to $200 until it met strong resistance and was subsequently driven back beneath $140. One analyst however,...
21-01-2020 21:17

Grayscale GBTC Gap Closes, What This Means for Bitcoin

Grayscale?s GBTC fund attracted attention with the relatively large large gap between its share price and Bitcoin (BTC) spot prices. The closing of th...
21-01-2020 21:17

XRP-Based Exchange Forced To Close But Nobody Noticed

XRParrot, the Netherlands-based XRP-fiat gateway exchange for European customers will cease operations, citing new regulatory requirements. Even more ...
21-01-2020 21:17

How Bitcoin’s On-chain Activity and the Iran Crisis Co

The dust has settled in the Middle East for now as the political posturing takes a back seat. Bitcoin prices have also settled a little from their rol...
21-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin, Crypto Assets are not Banned in India: RBI

After a stressful Supreme Court hearing, India conceded that bitcoin and crypto assets are not illegal. The Reserve Bank of India, the country?s centr...
21-01-2020 21:17

Is Bitcoin the Answer to Trump’s ‘GenerosityR

Could Bitcoin mend a system where President Trump is being extra generous toward banks through tax cuts"  JP Morgan Profits Dwarf Ethereum US bankers...
21-01-2020 21:17

Beware of Microsoft Windows Malware, Warns Singapore Regulat

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently issued a warning to financial institutions after 4 high-risk bugs were found in Microsoft’s W...
20-01-2020 21:17

EOS Suffered a Huge dApp User Drop Out, Latest Report Finds

The latest annual dApp Market Report by says that the number of daily decentralized application (dApp) users on EOS has crashed 80% since las...
20-01-2020 21:17
20-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Solves This: Billionaires Own More Than 4.6 Billion

A recent Oxfam report revealed that the world’s 2,153 wealthiest billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people combined, but many believe th...
20-01-2020 21:17

How Bitcoin Returns are Dwarfing Investor Expectations

A recent survey on crypto twitter has revealed that a lower annual rate of return would be expected for almost 40% of those questioned. In reality, bi...
20-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Price Could Crash to $5K Before Halving Bull Run, An

Bitcoin (BTC) is playing a game of averages, once again drawing attention to significant support levels. What is expected is a breakout move, though t...
20-01-2020 21:17

Thai Regulators Issue Crypto Trading License to Zipmex Excha

Recent reports from Thailand reveal that the country’s regulator, the SEC, had granted a crypto trading license to yet another exchange ? Zipmex. T...
20-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin’s Mass Adoption is a Dream Until These 4 Thing

The road to mass adoption for any new technology is a slow one. This will also be the case for bitcoin but these four factors could accelerate the pro...
20-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

Bitcoin showed just how inexpensive it can be as a tool for transferring value this morning. A 51,511 BTC transaction, worth almost $450 million, was ...
20-01-2020 21:17

Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price, BSV Pump and Dump, and Other N

Today is the day when Orthodox Christians submerge themselves in icy water to mark Epiphany, celebrating the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. Per...
19-01-2020 21:17

When Anti-Bitcoin Peter Schiff Lost his BTC…

Peter Schiff may be unable to sell his Bitcoin (BTC), after getting locked out of his wallet. Schiff, who has been critical of BTC and sees its price ...
19-01-2020 21:17

PlanB Reasserts S2F Reliability as a Bitcoin Price Forecaste

In his latest article, PlanB has re-affirmed the reliability of his Bitcoin-Stock-to-Flow model (S2F) to forecast the Bitcoin price trajectory. He als...
19-01-2020 21:17

Rising Crypto Adoption Hints at Growing DeFi Opportunities

Breaking crypto usage down geographically has revealed some interesting trends. Countries that should have been high up were nowhere to be found and s...
19-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Price Zooms Past $9,000 ‘Again’; Is $10,

Weekends are usually a little slower for bitcoin trading but today BTC price has broken through the $9k resistance level as it taps a new 2020 high. ...
19-01-2020 21:17

How Bitcoin, Crypto Prices Correlate With Network Parameters

There is now enough data to link Bitcoin and crypto price movements to easily quantifiable network parameters. Bitcoin’s Transactions Show Highest ...
18-01-2020 21:17

Next Bitcoin Price ATH to Fall in the $75k-$85k Range

With the crypto community awaiting Bitcoin’s next price ATH, Blockroots CEO warns that they might be disappointed if they expect BTC to hit $100k or...
18-01-2020 21:17

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Attracts 22,000 Validators

One of the broadest testnets for Ethereum 2.0 is advancing, already attracting 22,000 validators. The shift to proof-of-stake is still left for the fu...
18-01-2020 21:17

When a Tesla Car Becomes a Bitcoin Node…

Bitcoin users recently decided to try using their Tesla electric car as a full BTC node, and it worked. Tesla Electric Car becomes a full Bitcoin nod...
18-01-2020 21:17

Binance Coins (BNB) Worth $38.8 Million Now ‘Out of Ci

Binance carried out its 10th token burn, removing ~$38.8 million worth of BNB from circulation, forever. Binance Performs its 10th Quarterly Token Bu...
18-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Dominance Does Not Signal Altcoin Season, Here’

The number designating the dominance of Bitcoin (BTC) may be a faulty metric, especially when estimating the potential of altcoins. Instead, the metri...
18-01-2020 21:17

Crypto Mining Malware ‘Dominates’ Cyber Criminal

Just like any other industry, the crypto industry is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks in 2020, according to a Check Point Research?s cybersecurity re...
18-01-2020 21:17

Craig Wright Latest Court Action Round-Up

Keeping up with Craig Wright’s innumerable lawsuits is no easy feat for anyone in the crypto community. Here is a roundup of everything that is know...
17-01-2020 21:17
17-01-2020 21:17

South Korean Gov’t Faces Public Hearing Over 2017 Cryp

The South Korean crypto ban placed back in 2017 was a breach of fundamental rights, holds the arguments in a recent public plea. South Korean Governm...
17-01-2020 21:17
17-01-2020 21:17

Canada Issues New Crypto Guidance

The securities regulator in Canada, the CSA, has issued new guidance regarding crypto trade, and when it may fall outside of securities laws. Canada ...
17-01-2020 21:17

Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Plans New $96.5M Funding Round

Less than six months after securing its banking license to provide financial products to the cryptocurrency industry, Swiss crypto bank SEBA is seekin...
17-01-2020 21:17

IRS to Limit Probe into Coinbase User, US Court Advises

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could be made to restrict its crypto tax probe of Coinbase user William Zietzke to cover only 2016. IRS Shou...
17-01-2020 21:17

Ripple Blew Serious Cash to Sway US Crypto Regulations, Data

Recent information reveals that Ripple spent a significant amount in 2019 to try and shape crypto and blockchain regulations in the US through lobbyin...
17-01-2020 21:17

How Bitcoin Could Hit $70,000 By The End Of 2020

Bitcoin price prediction models vary greatly but one analyst that has been correct on numerous occasions has plotted a path to $70k BTC by the end of ...
17-01-2020 21:17

How To Earn Bitcoin: The Definitive Passive BTC and Crypto I

Have you ever wondered how you can earn bitcoin passively in the modern crypto age" Well look no further, here is the perfect guide to help you get st...
16-01-2020 21:17

Winklevoss Twins Launch Own Crypto-Asset Insurance Unit

Today, the Winklevoss twins launched their own insurer to enhance coverage for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Winklevoss Twins Cover Their Assets ...
16-01-2020 21:17

Happy Bitconnect RIP Day Everybody

Bitconnect, one of the most notorious and widespread pyramid schemes in crypto history, crashed two years ago today. BitConnect Scheme Unraveled as B...
16-01-2020 21:17

Hodlonaut v Craig Wright: Case Moves to Norway

The court case against Twitter persona Hodlonaut filed by Craig S. Wright has been dismissed on grounds of lack of jurisdiction. The case is now expec...
16-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin To Hit $33k By July, Because… History

As you are likely aware, some time in May this year, the Bitcoin network will experience its third halving event. The increased awareness of Bitcoin s...
16-01-2020 21:17

Australia Reserve Bank Trials Central Bank Digital Currency

Australian Reserve Bank (RBA) recently revealed that it simulated the use of central bank digital currency (CBDC) in a wholesale payment system based ...
16-01-2020 21:17

First Private Bank Joins Turkey’s Digital Gold Blockch

Garanti BBVA has announced that it is the first and only private bank to join Turkey’s digital asset blockchain network. The BiGA Digital Asset Tran...
16-01-2020 21:17

How This Solution Could Unlock Massive Adoption For Ethereum

Ethereum has had a couple of miserable years in terms of price but development on the world?s largest smart contract and dApp platform has continued. ...
16-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Clinches Top Spot in Crypto Social Media Mentions

Bitcoin is the most mentioned term related to innovative value transfer systems, data from social media on the topic of payment and fintech, reveals. ...
16-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Price to Hit $15K Says CEO of $150B Investment Fund

CEO of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, recently spoke about his predictions for 2020 and beyond, saying that the USD is likely to weaken and Bit...
15-01-2020 21:17

Malaysia Bans ICOs, Issues Regulations For IEOs Instead

Financial regulators in Malaysia have published guidelines for crypto initial exchange offerings (IEOs). As part of the move, initial coin offerings (...
15-01-2020 21:17

Nano Lawsuit Update: Angry Investor Reacts to Motion to Dism

James Fabian, the chief plaintiff in the securities class action suit against the Nano crypto company, has asked a judge to strike against each point ...
15-01-2020 21:17

Putin Causes Russian Cabinet to Resign, Bitcoin Prices Spike

Russian President Vladimir Putin has triggered the resignation of his entire cabinet today, after laying out plans for Russia?s future political power...
15-01-2020 21:17

3 Major Bitcoin Price Models Predict Very Different Futures

The Bitcoin market price has exhibited significant volatility and surprise moves. In the 11 years since inception, BTC has moved dramatically, startin...
15-01-2020 21:17

President Maduro Forces Airlines to Buy Fuel Using Petro Cry

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, recently announced that he plans to revive the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro, which failed to a...
15-01-2020 21:17

Why Bitcoin Price Could Hit $20,000 Again This Year

Bitcoin has made another big move again today but it has largely been eclipsed by altcoins which are pumping hard. Nevertheless, bullish momentum is b...
15-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Price 22% Gain is Not a Sign of a Bull Market: Brian

Brian Kelly is cautioning against expectations of a prolonged bull run as the bitcoin price gains more than 20% since the start of 2020. Meanwhile, cr...
15-01-2020 21:17

Akon Gets Greenlight to Build Crypto City in Africa

Rapper and would-be crypto-mogul, Akon, has finalized an agreement to build a cryptocurrency-powered city in Senegal. The imaginitively named Akon Cit...
15-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Needs to Overcome These 3 Levels to Get to $10K

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are on another expansion spree, bringing the price to a new range. But if the leading asset is to regain five-digit prices, it ne...
14-01-2020 21:17

Doubts Surface Over China Central Bank Currency Plan

People?s Bank of China may be ready with the top-level rules for its hypothetical state-backed digital asset, but doubts are still surfacing over the ...
14-01-2020 21:17
14-01-2020 21:17

SEC Files Motion For Sanctions Against Blockvest Founder

Remember Blockvest" The ICO entangled in a web of deceit with the SEC for its fraudulent securities offering" Reginald Buddy Ringgold III?s case is ba...
14-01-2020 21:17

First Private Search Engine For the Decentralized Web Goes L

Almonit has released the first version of its decentralized, private search engine for the decentralized web (dWeb). It is accessible to those with a ...
14-01-2020 21:17

Texas Securities Board Lists Crypto as High Risk Threat to I

Yesterday, January 13th, the Texas State Securities Board published a list of the top threats that investors will face in 2020, with crypto ranking hi...
14-01-2020 21:17

Russia Might Finally Adopt Crypto Law This Spring

Russia?s State Duma (lower house of the parliament) might adopt the law on digital financial assets in the spring session, an official believes. Digi...
14-01-2020 21:17

MakerDAO’s DAI Monthly Volume Reaches Billions of Doll

Recent statistics revealed that MakerDAO’s tokenized dollar, DAI, has been handling billions of dollars per month in November and December 2019. Tr...
14-01-2020 21:17

India’s Supreme Court Ready to Hear the Crypto vs RBI

According to recent updates, it seems that India’s Supreme Court is finally ready to tackle the RBI vs. Crypto case, with plans to dedicate a lot of...
14-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin is the Ideal Safe Haven for UK Citizens Right Now

It is no secret that Bitcoin’s popularity varies based on jurisdiction. The reasons why the cryptocurrency notes greater adoption in some particular...
13-01-2020 21:17

Largest US Companies Outperformed By Bitcoin Baby’s Co

If you had to invest money for your child’s future education you would think that buying stocks in giant tech firms like Tesla and Google would be a...
13-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Celebrates A Huge Milestone This Month

Bitcoin celebrates the 11 year anniversary of its first clear use case, a peer-to-peer trustless transaction. The first transfer happened between the ...
13-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin SV, Binance Feud Heats Up as BSV Flips BNB

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has rallied strongly in January, expanding its price by 50%. The project?s proponents spent the past few months promising ?something ...
13-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin (BTC) Cannot be Replaced: Hal Finney in 2011

Hal Finney, one of the early Bitcoin (BTC) developers and idea leaders, may have predicted the age of hard forks. In an early Bitcointalk discussion, ...
13-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Solves This: Bill Gates Talks About the US Wealth Ga

Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest person, recently published a blog post reflecting on 2019, in which he noted that his extreme wealth is unfai...
13-01-2020 21:17

Is Bitcoin Is About To Repeat Its 2019 Rally"

There is no doubt that sentiment has turned bullish for bitcoin. It has remained above the psychological $8,000 barrier for the weekend and institutio...
13-01-2020 21:17

FOIN Project Explains Price Slide with Bear Market, Panic Se

The Foin project, issuer of the unfortunate FOIN token, issued a lengthy explanation of its recent market price fiasco. The project, at the least, sho...
13-01-2020 21:17

Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price And John McAfee’s Wang

The British Queen and Prince Harry are having crisis talks, after the latter said that he didn’t really want to be royal any more, and was moving to...
12-01-2020 21:17

40 Million Litecoins Lying Locked for a Year, as LTC Rallies

Litecoin (LTC) is getting more attention at the start of 2020, as the asset may be signaling either an altcoin rally or further Bitcoin (BTC) apprecia...
12-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Equivalent of $4.7 Trillion Added to US Debt is $260

Bitcoin equivalent of the $4.7 trillion US debt that was signed into federal law by President Trump would put the price of a single BTC at $260,000.  ...
11-01-2020 21:17

New Bitcoin Addresses Averaged At 124 Million Since 2017: Da

Bitcoin has shown growth in one metric that suggests positive views about adoption and the potential to reach new users. Active addresses and new addr...
11-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Will Soon Have a $100,000 Price Tag: Adam Back

Bitcoin price is not so far from reaching a $100,000 valuation, recalled Adam Back, founder of Blockstream. BTC broke $10,000 when it was not even exp...
11-01-2020 21:17

No Bitcoin and Gold Prices are Not Correlated: Research

Bitcoin is often called ‘digital gold,’ which led many to assume that the two assets are correlated in some way, but recent research has debunked ...
11-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin’s First Major Buy Signal Since March 2019 is H

Bullish sentiment is already flowing back into bitcoin markets. So far in 2020 BTC has made 13% and more is yet to come as a major buy signal flashes ...
11-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Crank $14 Billion, What’s N

Bitcoin and crypto assets are making a remarkable recovery today and markets are up almost $14 billion in under 24 hours. Bitcoin Leading Crypto Mark...
11-01-2020 21:17

Why JP Morgan Sees CME Bitcoin Options as ‘Highly Anti

US banking giant JP Morgan believes bitcoin traders are anxiously waiting for Monday?s CME BTC options debut. Highly Anticipated Bitcoin Options When...
11-01-2020 21:17

5 Top Crypto Twitter Traders Are Bullish on Bitcoin Right No

As Bitcoin (BTC) enters another bull-and-bear fight, ranging between $7,800 and $8,000, crypto Twitter traders are warming up to a bullish attitude. ...
11-01-2020 21:17

Jack Dorsey-Supported African Crypto Startup Hits $1M Volume

Bit Sika, a Jack Dorsey-approved crypto remittance startup from Africa, has already hit $1 million in transactions after launching only four months ag...
11-01-2020 21:17

3 Things Holding XRP Above $0.20 Right Now

Ripple?s XRP asset has started 2020 with a less catastrophic view that the year before. The price now hovers above $0.20, having stemmed the recent ou...
10-01-2020 21:17

Bobby Lee Presents First ‘Hands-On’ With Ballet

Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC crypto exchange, was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, demonstrating the first physical samples o...
10-01-2020 21:17
10-01-2020 21:17

Just In: Cobinhood Exchange Shuts Down for Audit

The Cobinhood exchange, a staple of up-and-coming coin and token projects, has announced a sudden down period to audit its balances. Audit Suddenly A...
10-01-2020 21:17

AT&T Can’t Deny Part In $1.8M Crypto Theft, Tech

Seth Shapiro sued AT&T for allowing hackers to steal $1.8m in crypto and said that their claims of failing to prevent the theft are not sufficient. S...
10-01-2020 21:17

Elon Musk Whips Up Frenzy with Innuendo-Filled Bitcoin Tweet

Elon Musk is at it again. Dropping an innuendo-filled tweet that instantly riled up Crypto Twitter. Just six short words were enough to flurry up a tw...
10-01-2020 21:17

Brazilian Bank Threatens to Close Crypto Exchanges’ Ac

Crypto exchanges in Brazil may soon lose banking support as a major commercial bank has refused to abide by an agreement preventing the closure of cry...
10-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash Halvings Spell Doom For The Miners

Mining is supposed to be a lucrative activity, earning cryptocurrency by running specialist machines continuously. But for Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoi...
10-01-2020 21:17

461 Crypto Wallets Hold Over 40% of ETH, ADA, LTC, and USDT

When it comes to ?whales?, the biggest boast is owning vast stashes of Bitcoin (BTC). But statistics show that other crypto coins may be more weighed ...
09-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Futures Volumes Explode After Price Swing

The Bitcoin (BTC) futures market reawakened in early 2020, following more active price action on the spot markets. Across the board, leading futures t...
09-01-2020 21:17

Austria: Crypto Firms Face ?200K Fine Under New AML Directiv

Crypto businesses in Austria can be fined up to 200,000 EUR (above $221,000) starting from tomorrow, if they do not operate under the country’s new ...
09-01-2020 21:17

Interpol Operation Drives Southeast Asia Cryptojacking Down

Cryptojacking was rampant around the globe last year. By June 2019 in Southeast Asia, more than 20,000 MikroTik routers had been infected. Thanks to O...
09-01-2020 21:17

RBA to Block Facebook’s Libra in Australia

Australia is the latest country to reject Libra ? Facebook?s proposed digital currency payment project. The country?s central bank also says sovereign...
09-01-2020 21:17

Dead Crypto Projects Declined in 2019, Are Altcoins Reviving

The past two years have been brutal for the majority of altcoins to say the least. One statistic has been positive however, and that is fewer crypto p...
09-01-2020 21:17

Why Tesla Flipping Bitcoin Market Cap is Not Happening Anyti

Tesla?s market value has just eclipsed that of General Motors and Ford combined but it is still a long way off beating Bitcoin. Tesla Teases $90 Bill...
09-01-2020 21:17
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Switzerland Merchants Charged 8% by PayPal Sh...

PayPal, a leading payments processor valued at over $97 billion, charges merchants high percentage-based fees on top of a flat based fee of 2.9 percent. The high transaction fee of PayPal has led merchants to explore alternatives like crypto to... -
Darrelle Revis Was Better at Football Than Richard Sherman, but Not at Trash Talk 

Darrelle Revis Was Better at Football Than Ri...

Revis just attacked someone from lower ground and Sherman capitalized. He told Revis that he has a Super Bowl to prep for and that he should "enjoy the view from the couch."  The post Darrelle Revis Was Better at Football Than Richard Sherman,... -
South Korean Government Struggles to Find Balance in Legitimizing Cryptocurrencies

South Korean Government Struggles to Find Bal...

South Korea is well-recognized for being one of the early-adopter countries, with numerous established crypto exchanges, start-ups, and a significant amount of trading activity. The government’s ambitions to impose capital gains taxes became... -
Paxos Launches Automatic Conversions Between Bank Deposits and Stablecoins

Paxos Launches Automatic Conversions Between ...

Paxos is enabling a new auto-transfer feature to streamline the conversion of funds between bank accounts and stablecoin deposits. - Releases SLP Indexer Server for High Performance Token Services Releases SLP Indexer Server for H... is releasing the open source SLP Indexer Server for validating Simple Ledger Protocol tokens as part of its commitment to the development of the token ecosystem. The tool is designed to make SLP token transactions perform as fast as BCH... -
Merchants Can Now Accept XRP Via Crypto Payment Processor BitPay

Merchants Can Now Accept XRP Via Crypto Payme...

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The Sacramento Kings Will Auction Retired Jerseys On the ETH Blockchain

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Sports and blockchain technology have gotten along quite well in the past few years, and the latest evidence shows how much that relationship has matured. The Sacramento Kings basketball team is working with ConsenSys to launch a new... -
Kevin Owocki on Gitcoin, Controversy and the Future of Open Source Funding

Kevin Owocki on Gitcoin, Controversy and the ...

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This Surprising Factor Will Massively Increas...

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You Can Earn Lead Tokens by Becoming a Crypto Community Champion

You Can Earn Lead Tokens by Becoming a Crypto...

Becoming a cryptocurrency community leader is a good way to bring about the future you want to see in the world by taking real action today. Now you can also be directly rewarded for your work with the Bitcoin Cash community’s new SLP token, Lead... -

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