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The Coronavirus Will Impede on Blockchain Development in Chi

Back in October, Chinese President Xin Jinping promoted the use of blockchain technology by and for the Chinese economy and provided the public with u...
13-02-2020 21:17

Calls For Bringing Voting To The Blockchain Grow After Iowa

Attempts have been made for decades to use technology to improve voting processes. Unfortunately, many of these moves have failed to achieve their goa...
10-02-2020 21:17

TradeLens Agreement Pending Decision by FMC

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission is making a decision on the official approval of the TradeLens platform, as stipulated by an agreement made betwe...
07-02-2020 21:17

Gemini Achieves Significant Milestone, Sets Standard For Reg

Gemini, the exchange founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, continues to make inroads toward its goal of becoming a mainstream, respected financial ...
04-02-2020 21:17

Clothing Companies Are Ignoring Blockchain

The food and transport industries are embracing blockchain technology to realize a more transparent and efficient future. At the same time, very littl...
02-02-2020 21:17

Stablecoins Continue to Make impact As Businesses Explore Cr

As platform development rapidly accelerates, stablecoins continue to occupy a unique place within the blockchain space. These digital currencies, whic...
31-01-2020 21:17

Oklahoma Setting up for a Crypto Future

Oklahoma’s Senator Nathan Dahm has drafted a new crypto positive bill which is to be introduced on the third of February, 2020. The bill contains a ...
29-01-2020 21:17

Hardware & Consumer Products Are The Next Big Step For

Blockchain technology is typically associated with software applications, but as the space progresses hardware based on it is beginning to emerge. Thi...
28-01-2020 21:17

NBA Is Dunking on the Blockchain Game

The Sacramento Kings, a Californian NBA team announced their second blockchain platform “Kings Live Auctions” on January 15th through Twitter. In ...
27-01-2020 21:17

Food Tracking Poised To Be Next Major Use Of Blockchain Tech

Transportation and logistics have long been seen as a perfect fit for blockchain technology. It is estimated that before the end of this decade most o...
26-01-2020 21:17

Blockchain is the Most Demanded Skill by the Global Marketpl

We’ve had our ups and downs in the cryptocurrency marketplaces over the last couple of years, but a few elements of our ecosystem have remained a co...
25-01-2020 21:17

New European Blockchain Association Called ADAN

“Association pour le Développement des Actifs Numériques” (ADAN) is an association that will represent the blockchain industry before the authorit...
24-01-2020 21:17

“BOB” a New Blockchain Phone on the Horizon by P

Two years since it was first seen on the floor of the XBlockchain Bali 2018 conference, the new version of the “BOB” i.e. Blok on Blok phone creat...
23-01-2020 21:17

New Regulations Set To Throw European Crypto Space into Turm

Politicians and regulators are growing increasingly aware of the significance of blockchain assets, and have begun scrambling to create rules intended...
22-01-2020 21:17

South Korean Government Struggles to Find Balance in Legitim

South Korea is well-recognized for being one of the early-adopter countries, with numerous established crypto exchanges, start-ups, and a significant ...
21-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Critics Are Becoming More Vocal As Signs Of Market R

More than ever there is debate among crypto advocates over the future of Bitcoin. Some assert that its future as the flagship blockchain asset is secu...
20-01-2020 21:17

Illinois Passes the Blockchain Technology Act Into Law

Illinois may prove to be the most friendly blockchain state in the U.S. because at the start of the New Year, on January 1st, the state legislators pa...
19-01-2020 21:17

$30 Million Available in Grants Through the Nervos Network

The Nervos Network, a blockchain platform with aspirations to solve challenges that are plaguing Bitcoin and Ethereum says that they are making $30 mi...
18-01-2020 21:17

Blockchain in Desperate Need of Standardization

We’ve been talking about many different deals and projects that involve shipping, supply chains, and preventing forgeries. Through blockchain implem...
17-01-2020 21:17

National Chinese BSN Blockchain Network to Become Commercial

Following the speech of Xi Jinping on the importance of embracing blockchain technology, China went on a spree of development to establish a nation-wi...
16-01-2020 21:17

Ripple’s xSongs to Challenge Global Music Sales Sector

At the onset of the new year, an article was published by The Block Crypto, where they speak with Ripple executive Craig DeWitt about his new addition...
15-01-2020 21:17

Decentralized Finance Set To Make Huge Strides in The Coming

Blockchain technology is on track to make significant changes to a number of global economic sectors, and as the space matures, decentralized finance ...
14-01-2020 21:17

Blockchain ETF Soon to Be on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Chin

China is well on its way to having its first blockchain ETF traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, as suggested in the official release by the exchang...
12-01-2020 21:17

XRP’s Value Continues To Decline Despite Platform Grow

As one of the oldest and most established cryptocurrencies, XRP has long been marked by its steady progress and highly focused mission. Like most othe...
12-01-2020 21:17

South Korea May Soon Develop Its Own Digital Currency

Recent reports indicate that South Korea is actively considering the idea of releasing its very own digital currency, thus joining several other count...
11-01-2020 21:17

Global Tensions Pushing Up Crypto Market Values, But Larger

On January 3rd the United States military killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani with a targeted drone strike, an act that rapidly escalated tensions ...
09-01-2020 21:17

Bitcoin Maximalists Pushing Harder Than Ever, but Market Div

Bitcoin appears to be recovering from a price correction that took place earlier this month, and is once again slowing moving up in the market ranking...
06-01-2020 21:17

China?s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) & Why it

Blockchain development has a reputation for being extremely expensive, demanding a high amount of financial, technological, and human resources to pro...
05-01-2020 21:17

Privacy in The Spotlight After Binance Refuses Withdrawal To

There is little doubt that blockchain development and adoption will make significant progress in the coming year. One clearly emerging trend is a move...
02-01-2020 21:17

Japan Card Issuer JCB to Include Blockchain Tech for B2B Pay

Financial giant and card provided JCB and Paystand, a payment network that leverages blockchain technology, have entered into an agreement to create t...
01-01-2020 21:17

Exchanges Are Feeling Pressure From Regulation & Changi

Although market volatility is norm for crypto investors and traders, for several years exchanges have enjoyed consistent and stable profitability. The...
30-12-2019 21:17

As Year Draws To A Close Predictions For 2020 Proliferate

The blockchain space has no shortage of self-styled experts claiming the ability to accurately forecast future values. As the end of this year is appr...
28-12-2019 21:17

Lightning Network Gets a Significant Upgrade by Blockstream

Blockstream?s ?c-lightning? team announced their latest update to their version of the lightning network protocol through a blog post on December 18th...
25-12-2019 21:17

Market Cap Flucutations Reveal Challenges in Evaluating Bloc

It is becoming clear that the crypto market is ending 2019 on a down note. The price recovery that seemed all but certain to bring back a bull market ...
24-12-2019 21:17

Central Bank of Switzerland Has Opened up a Hub for Crypto T

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has teamed up with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and exchange platform SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) to deve...
23-12-2019 21:17

IRS Showcases Heightened interest in Taxing Cryptocurrency U

For years, the tax situation associated with owning and using digital currencies has been unclear, due to the lack of standardization, alongside the e...
21-12-2019 21:17

Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade Reflects Platform Success

Last month Ethereum completed a major upgrade, moving the platform one step closer to Ethereum 2.0 and final status. Named Istanbul, the upgrade took ...
19-12-2019 21:17

South Africa’s Reserve Bank to introduce Stricter Cryp

At this point in time, there are several countries with a stricter economy, which impose currency controls in an effort to limit the amount of capital...
16-12-2019 21:17

Latest Android Vulnerability Further Evidence of Crypto Secu

Earlier this month, security firm Promon announced the discovery of a dangerous piece of Android malware that has infected devices across the globe. T...
13-12-2019 21:17

European Governments Taking Greater Steps To Regulate Blockc

Europe has always been a hot spot of crypto activity, and now a number of European states may finally be ready to recognize the legitimacy of blockcha...
11-12-2019 21:17

New Crypto Tax Rules issued by the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released instructions for computing taxes involving crypto assets. The digital market has been waiting for...
09-12-2019 21:17

India Announces Preparation of All-Inclusive Blockchain Stra

Over the last couple of years, the popularity of blockchain technology has increased considerably, thanks to its numerous advantages over traditional ...
06-12-2019 21:17

European Central Bank Considers the Development of a CBDC

Over the last couple of years, governments and central banks throughout the world have been actively researching the opportunities and potential drawb...
04-12-2019 21:17

Nano May Emerge as Bitcoin’s Strongest Rival, yet Plat

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies challenging Bitcoin?s hegemony, yet Nano stands out among them due to its unique architecture and function. A...
01-12-2019 21:17

Upbit the Latest Exchange to be Hacked as $50 Million Worth

South Korean-based Upbit has become the latest major exchange to be hacked. A thief has stolen 342,000 Ether worth USD $50 million. The exchange has s...
29-11-2019 21:17

Altcoin Recovery is Leaving Bitcoin at a Crossroads

Throughout its ten year history, Bitcoin has experienced the greatest level of volatility of any asset ever created. It has endured significant challe...
27-11-2019 21:17

Middle Eastern Banking Crises Are Highlighting The Case For

Cryptocurrency is once again becoming a popular topic in the Middle East as two countries are experiencing economic turmoil related to their banking s...
25-11-2019 21:17

ChainLink’s Popularity Is Surging, Represents Mainstre

Although there is no shortage of enthusiasm for many emerging cryptocurrencies, ChainLink is becoming a clear standout. The blockchain platform has em...
20-11-2019 21:17

Litecoin Is Facing Increasing Challenges, Yet Value Continue

Like most altcoins, Litecoin is experiencing a revival in market cap, and interest in the platform is growing among investors. Litecoin has moved up t...
18-11-2019 21:17

Stellar’s Team Taking Bold Steps to Secure Platform &#

Stellar Lumens (XLM) has experienced a series of highs and lows since its founding in 2014, but the development team has kept a steady eye on long-ter...
15-11-2019 21:17

BitcoinCash Hashrate Leads To Weaknesses, Underscores Vulner

As the crypto market continues to gain strength, BitcoinCash is finding itself in a unique and precarious position. Although its market value has incr...
12-11-2019 21:17

Altcoin Recovery indicates Maturing Market as Platforms Begi

There is now little debate that an altcoin market recovery is underway. Although numerous comparisons will no doubt be made to the events of 2017, in ...
10-11-2019 21:17

China Releases Framework for the Certification of FinTech &#

The cryptocurrency sector has recently been shaken with news from China, where the People?s Bank of China, alongside government institutions, are repo...
08-11-2019 21:17

US Congress Continues to Investigate Cryptocurrencies, Deep

Members of the United States Congress are again openly addressing the cryptocurrency revolution by holding committee hearings and researching its pote...
04-11-2019 21:17

Retail Adoption Is Quietly Growing To Meet Consumer Demand

Although there is tremendous development across many aspects of the crypto space, advocates remain frustrated at the seemingly low level of adoption b...
04-11-2019 21:17

Utah to Facilitate Voting for Disabled Individuals through B

So far, numerous case studies regarding blockchain?s usability as a voting platform have been carried out by local governments, NGOs and private entit...
02-11-2019 21:17

Paypal Abandons Libra, May Indicate Larger Plans for the Pay

PayPal has announced that it will withdraw from the Libra Association, which is yet another blow to Facebook?s planned digital currency. Whereas it is...
31-10-2019 21:17

Switzerland?s Supervisory Authority Approves Licenses to SEB

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has certified two Blockchain institutions. This makes SEBA and Sygnum the first crypto banks ...
29-10-2019 21:17

Institutions Continue to Embrace Ripple Protocols But XRP Re

Ripple continues to grow and gain institutional clients, as the company behind the cryptocurrency clearly demonstrates that it has a firm goal for lon...
26-10-2019 21:17

Cryptocurrency Promises Many New Use Cases for the Gaming In

Although businesses of all types are moving into the crypto space, the gaming industry has remained curiously behind on adoption. This fact may be per...
24-10-2019 21:17 Decides to Leave Facebook’s Libra Project

Despite its promising start, given the large number of companies that expressed interest in joining the project, Facebook?s Libra project is currently...
22-10-2019 21:17

Hyperledger Gaining Momentum, Poised for Major Move

Blockchain platforms designed for advanced processes, such as smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps), are seeing a significant uptick ...
20-10-2019 21:17

Germany is Considering the Advantages of Launching a Digital

Over the last couple of years, numerous countries worldwide have issued statements concerning their plans for developing central bank-backed digital c...
18-10-2019 21:17

Platform Partnerships with Institutions at All-Time High, Ma

Evidence of blockchain technology?s move into the mainstream is emerging everywhere. A wide range of businesses are rapidly embracing it, and crypto u...
16-10-2019 21:17

Ikea Allows Use of Ethereum Blockchain for Invoice Payments

During the last couple of years, Ethereum use cases have increased exponentially in countries throughout the world. Recent reports indicate that a few...
14-10-2019 21:17

Debate Is Heating up over Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Bitcoin?s decline in value late last month caught many by surprise, as the launch of Bakkt and other positive movements in the crypto space were expec...
12-10-2019 21:17

Stablecoins Are Growing & Creating Their Own Niche With

Wells Fargo has become the latest financial institution to announce the creation of a stablecoin, which it intends to use for cross border transfers a...
09-10-2019 21:17

tZERO and BLOQ FLIX to supposedly tokenize films

tZERO partners with entertainment financing company BLOQ FLIX to tokenize films, or at least that’s what they say in their press release published o...
09-10-2019 21:17

Iran Sending Mixed Signals on Cryptocurrency Legalization

Global leaders are beginning to accept the fact that cryptocurrency represents a significant threat to the economic status quo. Responses have been mi...
07-10-2019 21:17

Etihad Airways Embraces Blockchain for Distribution

The big players in the aviation industry are quite eager to use blockchain for day-to-day use cases to make their operations more efficient. In a rece...
05-10-2019 21:17

Know-Your-Customer Regulations Are Stirring Fierce Debate Wi

Cryptocurrency is rapidly moving into the mainstream financial space, and many of the largest crypto exchanges are seeking greater legitimacy and trus...
03-10-2019 21:17

Mastercard & R3 to Work Together on international Block

The world of finance is growing more and more automated, with major payments provider Mastercard and R3, a growing blockchain development company havi...
01-10-2019 21:17

Bakkt’s Lackluster Launch Reveals the Complexity of th

For over a year many crypto advocates have assumed that Bakkt would represent a major turning point in the crypto revolution, bridging the divide betw...
29-09-2019 21:17

European Nations Coming Out Against Libra, Facebook Appears

Libra continues to meet resistance as European states are lining up to pronounce it dead on arrival. Leaders in both France and Germany have now annou...
28-09-2019 21:17

Crypto Investment Tools and Products That Are Gaining Accept

Recent events have proven that the crypto industry is maturing. The digital market has been rocked by a myriad of scams in the past. According to Ciph...
26-09-2019 21:17

bitHolla to provide 10x cheaper exchanges with new product

Edit: We reached out to bitHolla, and they explained that their HEX system still requires custom onboarding, configuration, and cooperation. They expe...
25-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Price Remains Flat, but Reasons for Optimism Are Eme

When Bitcoin broke USD $10,000 on June 24 analysts were quick to declare the Cryptocurrency Winter over. When it broke $14,000 days later, most were c...
22-09-2019 21:17

Major Consulting Firms Are Emerging as Biggest Promoters of

With so many industries due to be transformed by decentralized ledger technology, it is little wonder that many institutions are seeking guidance as t...
20-09-2019 21:17

IRS Proposes to Backdate Tax Payments of Digital Currencies

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has sent communication to several market participants discussing backdated tax settlements in the digital asset tra...
18-09-2019 21:18

The Crypto Tax Bill by North Carolina’s Representative

Ted Budd, the representative of North Carolina’s (NC) 13th congressional district has submitted a tax proposal to the United States House of Represe...
16-09-2019 21:17

Jaguar Reveals Electric Car With Built-In Iota Wallet

The Iota Foundation?s push to move their platform into the mainstream is clearly making progress, as partnerships with major institutions continue to ...
15-09-2019 21:17

Huobi releases “Acute Angle” an Android-based bl

With the launch of their native token NODE on September 11th, Huobi has also launched their first blockchain phone, Acute Angle. First information abo...
13-09-2019 21:16

Russian Firm “ICO Rating” Fined $268,998 by the

ICO Rating has been fined $268,998 by the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). This was after the Russian based analytics company hid informatio...
12-09-2019 21:17

Altcoins Are Starting To Rally, Yet Crypto Winter May Not Be

The past four weeks have seen impressive movement in the altcoin markets, creating optimism that the long, slow valuation decline may finally be at an...
10-09-2019 21:17

Point of Sale Systems Will Soon Play a Major Role in Crypto

Cryptocurrency adoption is now moving in many directions as developers continue to explore use cases for blockchain technology. Nevertheless, its most...
08-09-2019 21:17

New Jersey Signs Bill on Blockchain Taskforce

Blockchain application research is set to premier in New Jersey. This was after Governor Phil Murphy assented to the S2297 bill. The law?s mandate is ...
06-09-2019 21:18
04-09-2019 21:19

Ethereum Faces Significant Scaling Challenges, Buterin Expre

Like most altcoins, Ethereum has seen its market recovery stagnate over the past few weeks. Nevertheless, development of the platform is aggressively ...
02-09-2019 21:17

Ripple Use Is Growing, But Major Challenges Loom For The Pla

Ripple continues to expand its services, and focus on its core mission of becoming a blockchain-based protocol for fiat transfers. There is no longer ...
01-09-2019 21:17

Philippines’ Largest Bank, UnionBank, Launches its Own

UnionBank has released a digital currency dubbed PHX. According to the Philippine Star, the Bank will use the Stable coin to carry out transactions vi...
31-08-2019 21:16

Facebook’s Libra aims to Shakeup the E-commerce Indust

Facebook recently declared its plans to join the digital market by 2020. The move which has about twelve countries on board will see the tech giant cr...
29-08-2019 21:18

Privacy Coins Creating Unique Challenges, Courting Controver

Crypto advocates have long asserted that anonymity is one of the most promising elements of distributed ledger technology. This issue is becoming far ...
26-08-2019 21:17

Fervent Push for Regulatory Approval by STO Issuers

The crypto industry is making great strides in establishing Security Token Offerings (STOs) as a secure fundraising method. With the market?s attentio...
24-08-2019 21:17

Hong Kong Protests Are Now Deeply Connected To Crypto Adopti

The protests in Hong Kong, which have been taking place since late March, now represent the most significant domestic disturbance in China in thirty y...
22-08-2019 21:17

Spanish Police Hits Hard on Bitcoin ATMs After Being Used to

In the mid of July 2019, Bloomberg published a stunning report which indicated that Spanish LEAs are quite concerned regarding the fraudulent use of B...
20-08-2019 21:17

IBM Continues To Develop Blockchain Projects, Yet Major Chal

It is no secret that for the past several years most major technology companies have been researching blockchain systems, with many looking for a path...
17-08-2019 21:16

Iran Officially Legalizes Crypto Mining

The Iranian government recently approved digital coin mining. The announcement which was made on July 2019 by the country?s Economic Commission, has p...
15-08-2019 21:17

Updated Rules by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

The United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has extended the deadline for companies to report their cryptocurrency ventures. The...
13-08-2019 21:17

Hacker Releases Stolen Binance Customer Data After Attempt T

Binance has been hit with its second security breach this year as a hacker has begun releasing customers? personal information related to the exchange...
11-08-2019 21:17

Fiat-To-Crypto Onramps Are Growing As Governments Tighten Re

Although impressive development has taken place across the blockchain space during the past few years, the ability to purchase crypto with fiat remain...
08-08-2019 21:17
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Warning: OneCoin Scam Promotes Upcoming Event on Facebook

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Voluntary Financing: Bitcoin Cash Devs Reveal Noncustodial Funding App Flipstarter

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