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Stock Market Bubble to Grow Bigger as S&P 500 Targets 3

Analysts have been sounding the alarm on the U.S. stock market for several years now, but that hasn’t stopped the major indexes from setting new rec...
12-11-2019 21:17

Is Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson the Next Big D

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has gone from being a guy doubted by many to one being touted as a potential MVP candidate. As the QB of th...
12-11-2019 21:17

DOOM Guru John Romero Completely Misunderstands the FPS Genr

John Romero is the architect of DOOM, one of the earliest first-person shooters. He’s not a fan of modern FPS games. There may be another reason he ...
12-11-2019 21:17

CoinMarketCap Targets Crypto Market Without Manipulation

CoinMarketCap launched a new tool to combat fake trading volumes. The firm aims to bring more clarity into the space, which has been tainted by manipu...
12-11-2019 21:17

Disney Plus Users Revolt but Investors Completely Ignore Str

Disney launched its much-hyped Disney+ streaming service today, but there was a technical glitch. Investors were able to overlook the setback, sending...
12-11-2019 21:17

NEO Spikes 100% Thanks to China’s Surprising Blockchai

NEO has surged 100% over the past few weeks. The bullish sentiment behind this cryptocurrency rally seems to be related to China’s decision to embra...
12-11-2019 21:17

Is Eagles Guard Brandon Brooks Worth His New $54.2 Million E

The Philadelphia Eagles may be struggling this season, but they’ve locked up one vital piece of the puzzle ? Brandon Brooks. The Eagles decided to e...
12-11-2019 21:17

Central Bankers Won’t Listen to Senior Alan Greenspan&

Those who have followed Alan Greenspan’s career know how his tenure as a Federal Reserve chairman propelled the U.S. economy to the brink of disaste...
12-11-2019 21:17

Disney+ Launch Sinks 15 Million Nails into Cable TV’s

Paid TV is trapped in a massive decline, and has been for years. The launch of Disney+ is likely to accelerate the demise of cable TV companies. The e...
12-11-2019 21:17

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Fantastic Redesign Fails to Solve

Sonic the Hedgehog looks so much better after the redesign. But while the movie might not suck, that doesn’t mean it should win any awards. Jim Carr...
12-11-2019 21:17

Mother of All Bubbles Meltdown Will Be Bigger Than 2008: Ron

Ron Paul believes the mother of all government debt bubbles will cause a meltdown bigger than the 2008 financial crisis. The New York Fed is pumping b...
12-11-2019 21:17

Has Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Finally Turned the Corner"

Kirk Cousins has developed a reputation over the years that no quarterback wants–he can’t beat good teams, and he can’t win in primetime. But Su...
12-11-2019 21:17

Dow Tilts Sideways as Pivotal Trump Speech Leaves Markets Pa

The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq secured minimal momentum on Tuesday. Investors are on edge ahead of a pivotal Trump speech at the Economic Club of New Yo...
12-11-2019 21:17

Stellar (XLM) Spikes 20% in Four Days Before Dumping Again a

Stellar (XLM/USD) climbed as high as $0.08265 today before the bears woke up and repelled the advance. XLM?s price action over the last few days has g...
12-11-2019 21:17

TSLA at $530" China, New Models, Cost Cutting Could Dri

Buy price targets for Tesla stock range from $400 to $530. The ‘Made in China’ Model 3 is gearing for launch, although a date hasn’t been set y...
12-11-2019 21:17

Google’s Impressive Launch Lineup Gives Stadia a Fight

Google has announced the Stadia launch lineup of games and it isn’t half bad. Among them are Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and ...
12-11-2019 21:17

Dow Opens Nervy as Ultra-Rich Brace For 2020 Stock Massacre

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened flat on Tuesday morning. Investors are nervous as UBS report reveals that 55% of high-net worth investors see ...
12-11-2019 21:17

The Force is Strong with EA Haters After Canceled Star Wars

EA announces that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will not include early access or a 10-hour trial for Access and Origin members. Publishers states avoid...
12-11-2019 21:17

Australia’s ‘E-Crime Squad’ Arrests Man Fl

Australian Detectives known as the ?E-Crime Squad? have arrested a man for providing unregistered cryptocurrency services. Authorities charged the man...
12-11-2019 21:17

China Guarantees Citizens On-Demand Anonymity With State Dig

The digital currency will allow anonymity to users… but only to an extent. Analysts are predicting the government-backed crypto will be out early ne...
12-11-2019 21:17

iOWN Launches Brand-New Crypto Wallet

The blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, iOWN, launches its own brand-new crypto wallet, iOWNX. iOWNX is a multipurpose wallet and investment plat...
12-11-2019 21:17

Highly Anticipated ?Bithumb Coin? Officially Announced by Bi

SINGAPORE – Bithumb Global, the leading digital asset exchange in the world, announces the highly anticipated crypto asset, Bithumb Coin (BT), whic...
12-11-2019 21:17

The Lions’ Handling of Stafford Injury Reeks of Foul P

The NFL is investigating the Detroit Lions’ handling of Matthew Stafford’s back injury. Questions surround when the Lions knew their star quarterb...
12-11-2019 21:17

Jeff Bezos Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to the Seattle

Jeff Bezos appears to be interested in purchasing an NFL team should one come up for sale. The Seahawks are likely to come on the market, making for a...
12-11-2019 21:17

Watch Out Pence: Trump Could Pick Nikki Haley as VP in 2020

Nikki Haley could replace Mike Pence as Trump’s VP. Haley has written a book expressing her support for President Trump. Reports indicate Trump coul...
12-11-2019 21:17

Bakkt to Provide Bitcoin Custody but Its Product Raises Ques

Bakkt launched its institutional custody services. The Bakkt Warehouse launched with a robust insurance policy and a range of clients. Bakkt’s daily...
12-11-2019 21:17

Can T-Mobile Hype Man John Legere Rescue WeWork"

WeWork needs a new CEO to replace disgraced co-founder Adam Neumann. They are reportedly turning to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. This isn’t as crazy as...
12-11-2019 21:17

The Most Depressing Era in Knicks History Reaches New Low

The Cavaliers beat the Knicks 108-87 on Sunday. After the game, management addressed reporters at the behest of James Dolan. It was yet another exampl...
12-11-2019 21:17

Pokemon Fans Freak Out Over Sword & Shield Changes We&#

Pokemon Sword & Shield fans have been upset by a five-month-old change. Fans on Reddit and GameFAQs discussed the change in different ways. The change...
11-11-2019 21:17

Gold Price Desperately Clings to $1,450 Ahead of Fed’s

Gold futures fell on Monday to their lowest levels since early August. The loss comes despite a mixed session for stocks and a declining U.S. dollar. ...
11-11-2019 21:17

Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Crix Speeds

Crix offers traders algorithmic trading with super-fast registration using Yoti London, UK, November 12,– Today Crix, a next-generation cryptocurr...
11-11-2019 21:17

Dow Turns Positive Thanks to Monster 4% Rally In Boeing (BA)

The Dow Jones rose a measly 22 points on Monday as Boeing and Walgreen’s posted massive gains. It was a generally weak day for the U.S. stock market...
11-11-2019 21:17

Michael Novogratz Warns China?s Digital Currency Revolution

China is on a fast track to becoming a global digital currency power. Billionaire Michael Novogratz warns that the country might undermine the United ...
11-11-2019 21:17

Report Shows Just How Toxic Online Gaming Has Become

A report from the Anti-Bullying Alliance has shown the state of toxicity online. One in five of those polled avoids online gaming and social media due...
11-11-2019 21:17

‘Bubbles Everywhere’ Suggest a Stock Market Cras

Nobel-Prize winning economist Robert Shiller’s CAPE index suggests a stock market crash is on the horizon. Apart from the stock market bubble, Shill...
11-11-2019 21:17

Could Warner Bros.’ Cursed Struggle to Make a Superman

Warner Bros. has been working to release a Superman game since 2013. The company axed two known projects in the intervening years. A Superman title co...
11-11-2019 21:17

CUSD Stablecoin Officially Launches in Canada

Only 4 months after the launch of the CADT stablecoin last Canada Day, BVCI has officially launched another stablecoin, ?CUSD?. With the value anchore...
11-11-2019 21:17

Hideo Kojima Thinks Americans Are Too Dense to Understand De

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima quizzed over the critical reception to the game. Hideo Kojima attributes stronger criticism in the US to American...
11-11-2019 21:17

Bernie Sanders Misfires in Tax-Shaming Billionaires Like Bil

Bernie Sanders’ attacks Bill Gates after the Microsoft founder expressed concerns about Elizabeth Warren’s ‘billionaire tax’ plan. ‘Billiona...
11-11-2019 21:17

OceanEx Launches the Second Selective IEO Project – SN

OceanEx, an AI powered digital asset trading platform with a large number of global users, unveiled their second selective IEO project, SNKr, today, a...
11-11-2019 21:17

Dow Plunges at the Open Following Navarro’s Tariff Bom

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opens sharply lower on Monday. Peter Navarro, President Trump’s assistant, argues forcefully against the idea that ...
11-11-2019 21:17

Amazon (AMZN) Is the Most Loved S&P 500 Stock on Wall S

Amazon had an underwhelming Q3 earnings report, which sent the stock tumbling. Nevertheless, Wall Street put Amazon on top of the most loved S&P 500 c...
11-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Price Volatility Liquidates $90 Million in Brutal Pu

Bitcoin traders were badly whipsawed today and yesterday as the cryptocurrency rose above $9,100 only to dump back down to $8,600. The price action gi...
11-11-2019 21:17

America’s Misled Billionaire Loathing Will Intensify B

In a recent interview with the New York Times? Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bill Gates gave his opinion on Elizabeth Warren?s billionaire taxes. As the second-...
11-11-2019 21:17

Call of Duty: Mobile Destroys Combined Fortnite & PUBG

Call of Duty: Mobile racked up 148 million downloads in its launch month. That’s more than the combined total of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. The game ...
11-11-2019 21:17

Dow Futures Plunge 100 Points as Police Open Fire on Hong Ko

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures crashed more than 100 points overnight. Hong Kong turns violent as one police officer opens fire on protes...
11-11-2019 21:17

Iran’s 53 Billion Oil Barrel Dig May Spoil Sworn-Foe S

The 53 billion barrels of crude oil reserves that Iran has revealed would comprise about 3% of the current proven reserves in the world. More oil in t...
11-11-2019 21:17

China’s State Media Just Headlined Bitcoin to 1.4 Bill

Chinese State Media Praise Bitcoin as a ?Successful Application of Blockchain? Blockchain fever overruns the people’s republic Bitcoin propaganda co...
11-11-2019 21:17

Netflix CEO Buffers Investor Fears With Desperate New Growth

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) subscriber growth is faltering. CEO Reed Hastings says ?viewer time? is a better metric than subscriber totals. Insider selling...
11-11-2019 21:17

Top Bitcoin Website Gives Away Lamborghini in M

October 31 was a special day. Not because of Halloween, no, but because October 31 marked the end of one of the biggest giveaways ever organized on th...
11-11-2019 21:17 Announces 11th BiKi Partner Node J.M. Consultancy S

11th November, 2019, Singapore – Gearing up for a full-house turnout this evening at the opening event of Singapore Blockchain Week, inte...
11-11-2019 21:17

3 Epic Jorge Masvidal Next Fight Scenarios as Nate Diaz Rumo

Nate Diaz has hinted at retirement. Diaz was set to seek revenge for UFC 244 during a future rematch with Jorge Masvidal. If Diaz does call it quits, ...
11-11-2019 21:17

Google Ruined the AR Dream – Apple & Pokemon Rais

Augmented reality used to be one of the tech industry’s hottest fads, until the Google Glass squashed that dream. However, Apple and Valve seem to b...
11-11-2019 21:17

Why Rob Gronkowski Will Not Save the Patriots

The Patriots cut Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon because they plan to coax Rob Gronkowski from retirement. However, the odds of Gronkowski returning are...
11-11-2019 21:17

Bloomberg’s Presidential Bid Could Mean Selling Namesa

If Bloomberg officially becomes a candidate, selling his namesake company may be his best option. Microsoft makes for a great suitor when you consider...
11-11-2019 21:17

Why a Simmering Jets Injury Scandal Could Ensnare the Entire

Two ex-Jets players have filed injury grievances against the team, but this isn’t just a New York problem. Multiple players have had well-publicized...
10-11-2019 21:17

Fallout 76 Bug Exterminator Rage-Quits After Baseless Bethes

A Fallout 76 bug finder halted support for the game after Bethesda banned his gaming account. The incident is just one among many reported by frustrat...
10-11-2019 21:17

The U.S. Housing Market Bubble Is About to Burst as Fear Set

There are several signs indicating that a U.S. housing market crash is already here, but the bulls keep finding reasons to celebrate and live in denia...
10-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin’s Biggest Controversies Converge as Lawsuit Pi

Craig Wright claims to have invented bitcoin, and he’s suing a podcaster who alleges otherwise. Wright’s lawsuit now faces a challenge from the cr...
10-11-2019 21:17

Jeffrey Epstein’s Controversial Death Calls Attention

The suspicious circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death are believable to those with knowledge of the MCC prison. Attorneys representing ot...
10-11-2019 21:17

Banned Fortnite YouTuber Faze Jarvis Made Good Money With Cr

Popular Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis was recently banned for cheating. He uploaded an apology video to YouTube which made him at least 20,000, appro...
10-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Price Will Moonshot $500,000 Within 10 Years After F

Bitcoin to flip gold by 2028, says Bobby Lee, founder of BTCC, the world’s first bitcoin exchange. Stock to Flow model supports the prediction. A we...
10-11-2019 21:17

What’s Sony Planning With Obscure New PlayStation Cart

Sony files patent for PlayStation cartridge in Brazil. Resembles chunky Nintendo 64 cartridges. Is Sony planning a new handheld device to rival Ninten...
10-11-2019 21:17

Elon Musk Reveals Logistical Nightmare to Sustainably Coloni

Elon Musk shared his thoughts on how to colonize Mars including logistics and timeline. The plan won?t be easy and humans who will travel to the red p...
10-11-2019 21:17

Chinese Police Investigate Ex-Bitmain Employee for Bitcoin M

Yang Zuoxing, CEO at MicroBT, is under investigation by the local police. The investigation is allegedly related to a dispute over Bitmain’s intelle...
10-11-2019 21:17

League of Legends Worlds Finals Will Shatter Records –

The League of Legends World Championship Finals conclude tomorrow in Paris. G2 Esports faces off against FunPlus Phoenix, with millions of dollars in ...
10-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Hater Peter Schiff Is the Gold Bug Who Cried Wolf

Peter Schiff is once again making apocalyptic bitcoin price predictions. This isn’t the first time the famous gold bug has sounded the alarm on the ...
10-11-2019 21:17

Bears QB Mitch Trubisky Really Is the Ultimate Millennial

Great things were expected of the Chicago Bears and their young quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, entering the 2019 season. So far, he and the team are ...
10-11-2019 21:17

Pokemon Sword and Shield Critics Need to Put Up or Shut Up

Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t include the National Pokedex. Developer Game Freak is skimping out by including less than half of the available monst...
10-11-2019 21:17

Don’t Let ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Bli

Politics is blinding some people to the strong U.S. economy. Manufacturing is starting to show signs of bottoming out. The economy could be going from...
10-11-2019 21:17

James Wiseman ‘Scandal’ Launches NCAA to New Lev

James Wiseman was the No. 1 recruit in the nation and helped give Memphis the top recruiting class in the country last year. He is expected to be a lo...
10-11-2019 21:17

Future of Crypto Gaming Gets Boost from TRON Partnership wit

TRX and crypto gaming at large will soon enjoy a boost thanks to a new partnership between the TRON Foundation and Coingaming Group. The immediate eff...
10-11-2019 21:17

Black Ops 4 Market Revamp Is a Cynical Ploy to Retain CoD Pl

The Black Ops 4 controversies continue to pile on, a year after the game’s launch. Treyarch made sweeping changes to the black market, ostensibly to...
10-11-2019 21:17

Alabama-LSU Fans Can Defend Free Speech by Booing Trump

Donald Trump’s appearance at today’s Alabama-LSU game has become mired in controversy. Will Alabama students boo the president" Will they face rep...
10-11-2019 21:17

Instagram Will Never Be ?The Safest Place on the Internet?

Instagram will start testing the removal of like counts from certain US users in the coming week. The feature comes in response to growing criticism o...
10-11-2019 21:17

First Real Estate Property Becomes Tokenized and Tradable on

Investing Platform RealT Partners with Uniswap Exchange to Create True Real Estate Liquidity Miami, FL, 8 November 2019 ? RealT, the web-based platfo...
10-11-2019 21:17

Japan Gets It. The West Needs a A Monster Rancher Re-Release

Monster Rancher was one of the many monster-capturing games popular in the 90s. Koei Tecmo announced a re-release was heading for Japanese smartphones...
10-11-2019 21:17

Kojima Plans to Make Movies and We All Know They’ll Be

Hideo Kojima has announced his intention to make movies. Any movies Kojima makes are going to be as bonkers as his games are. No matter how bad they e...
10-11-2019 21:17

What Gold’s Price Plunge Tells Us About the Record-Hig

Gold price dropped by 4% as U.S. stock market hit record highs. Major U.S. banks including JPMorgan and Citibank closed positions on gold for more ris...
10-11-2019 21:17

League of Legends Co-Creator Loses $5 Million in Major Crypt

Riot Games Co-Founder Marc Merrill reportedly lost $5 million in a crypto scam. A fraudster used his credentials to purchase Amazon cloud computing se...
10-11-2019 21:17

Is Nintendo Trying to Trick Its Customers for Black Friday&q

Nintendo has released their Black Friday deals for 2019. This deal may be a bit familiar to those who shopped for a Switch last year. The included mod...
10-11-2019 21:17

How Death Stranding’s PC Release Highlights Problems W

The Epic Games Store isn’t well-percieved. Death Stranding will be released on Steam and the Epic store. This highlights the issues with the Epic st...
10-11-2019 21:17

Why Rockets Fans Shouldn’t Worry About James Harden

James Harden is a perennial MVP candidate. But there have been times where he has failed to perform on the road. One fan claims to have found the solu...
10-11-2019 21:17

The ?Scary Recession Warning? CNBC Says Is Gone Will Be Back

A CNBC article claims that the bond market?s ?scary recession warning? has gone away. Although the yield curve is no longer inverted, it?s behaving ex...
10-11-2019 21:17

Chase Young Suspension Instantly Crushes Ohio State’s

Ohio State’s Chase Young won’t play against Maryland for a possible violation of NCAA rules. The particulars of Young’s alleged malfeasance are ...
10-11-2019 21:17

Dow Falters But Trump U-Turn Fails to Frighten Stock Market

Stocks fell on Friday after Donald Trump pushed back against reports he would remove tariffs on Chinese goods. Sentiment in the Dow Jones was supporte...
08-11-2019 21:17

Bolivia Mirrors Game of Thrones as Protestors Force Mayor on

A Bolivian mayor suffered the wrath of anti-government protestors who seemed to get their inspiration from Game of Thrones. Bolivians are protesting t...
08-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin is Mentioned in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bitcoin is mentioned in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert also talks about blockchain. The crypto community loved the sketch. Bitcoin is onc...
08-11-2019 21:17

Death Stranding Thrashed on Metacritic Less Than 24 Hours Af

Long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding released today. The Metacritic User Score sits at 6.2 amid hundreds of negative reviews. We recom...
08-11-2019 21:17

Michael Bloomberg’s Enormous Net Worth Makes Trump the

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is joining the 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination. A Wall Street billionaire, Bloomberg’s perso...
08-11-2019 21:17

Gold Suffers Worst Crash in 3 Years Because Investors Ignore

Gold price suffers worst weekly drop in three years as investors tilt toward risk-on assets. December gold futures are hovering around $1,465/oz, the ...
08-11-2019 21:17

Don’t Preorder Shenmue III – Here’s When Y

Shenmue III will launch on Nov. 19. You can preorder it for $59.99. Just 10 days later, it will drop to $34.99 for Black Friday. Why would anyone pay ...
08-11-2019 21:17

Jewel of the Orient Eyes New Coin for the Treasury

The article is penned by Marcus Lim, Zipmex CEO and co-founder. Historically China has always been at the forefront of innovation; inventing the compa...
08-11-2019 21:17

Kemba Walker Love-Fest Shows Penny-Pinching Hornets’ T

Kemba Walker made his first return to Charlotte since signing with the Boston Celtics this summer. The fans showered Walker with love, bringing him to...
08-11-2019 21:17

hybrix Call to Action at San Francisco Blockchain Week: Stan

Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned a world in which each individual would have control over his or her own money and essentially, their life. As people start...
08-11-2019 21:17

Dr. Nouriel Roubini Estimates that a Global Recession is Und

Nouriel Roubini foresees a global financial crisis. Different policies implemented to prevent a financial downturn will not help. Central banks around...
08-11-2019 21:17

Dow Flinches After Trump Tariff Gambit Suffers ?Fierce? Reta

The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq tilted sideways on Friday. The stock market’s rally balked at reports that the US and China may not have agreed to roll...
08-11-2019 21:17

Charter Communications: 3 Reasons Why CHTR Is on Par With Ap

Charter Communications (CHTR) has managed to keep up with Apple’s year-to-date performance. Furious buybacks since 2016 have helped keep the stock b...
08-11-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Breaks Below $9,000 Signaling a Further Decline

Bitcoin moved below $9,000 on Friday. A bullish pattern is developing in the macro-perspective. BTC could plummet to $8,400 or lower in the near term....
08-11-2019 21:17

Disney (DIS) Stock to Soar After Q4 Earnings and Amazon Part

Disney posted a strong fiscal fourth-quarter performance that topped analyst estimates. The media titan also announced it struck a key partnership wit...
08-11-2019 21:17
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ETH/BTC Ready To Print New High, Veteran Trader Says

ETH/BTC Ready To Print New High, Veteran Trad...

Ethereum blockchain’s native asset, ETH, is about to establish fresh highs against rival Bitcoin, believes avid crypto trader, Elixium. ETH Breaks Away From BTC The popular cryptocurrency analyst said in a tweet today that the ETH/BTC... -
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Web3 Studying How to Integrate Kadena’s...

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Tunisia’s Central Bank Denies Reports Claiming It Issued an E-Dinar

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Evercoin Launches Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

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Netherlands: Police Arrest Founder of Blockchain Startup That Raised Over $80M

Netherlands: Police Arrest Founder of Blockch...

The police seized the founder of blockchain game development startup Komodore64, which was allegedly a fraudulent scheme -
Wyoming Unveils First-Ever Crypto Custody Rules for ?Blockchain Banks?

Wyoming Unveils First-Ever Crypto Custody Rul...

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Road To Riches: The Ups and Downs Of Going All-In On Crypto

Road To Riches: The Ups and Downs Of Going Al...

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Regulated Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Opens Doors

Regulated Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Opens Doors

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NEO Spikes 100% Thanks to China’s Surprising Blockchain Pivot

NEO Spikes 100% Thanks to China’s Surpr...

NEO has surged 100% over the past few weeks. The bullish sentiment behind this cryptocurrency rally seems to be related to China’s decision to embrace blockchain technology. One trader says NEO may have a bright forecast. NEO, one of China’s... -
Has Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Finally Turned the Corner"

Has Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Finally Turned th...

Kirk Cousins has developed a reputation over the years that no quarterback wants–he can’t beat good teams, and he can’t win in primetime. But Sunday night, he did just that with a 28-24 win over the Dallas Cowboys. While it wasn’t a big... -

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