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How to Prove Ownership With a Bitcoin Cash Address and Digit

Bitcoin is an amazing form of money and the technology Satoshi created has incredible potential. However, most people don’t realize that the blockch...
18-05-2019 21:17

Vaulty Aggregates All Your Cryptocurrency Addresses Using a

The ability to receive direct crypto payments is of great importance for numerous small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, content creators and non...
18-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Bears Claw Crypto Prices Back While Uncertai

Digital asset markets fell hard during the early morning trading sessions on May 17 as the price of bitcoin core (BTC) quickly tumbled from $7,900 to ...
18-05-2019 21:17

20-Year-Old Cryptographic Puzzle Is Solved and Stamped in th

A fiendishly tricky puzzle that has baffled cryptographers for two decades has been solved, and the proof preserved on the BCH and BTC blockchains. Th...
17-05-2019 21:17

‘Craig Is a Liar’ ? Early Adopter Proves Ownersh

On May 16, an unknown person posted a signed message to social media concerning a bitcoin address that was used as evidence in the ongoing Kleiman v. ...
17-05-2019 21:17

Haasbot Is an Automated Trading Tool for the Crypto Market

Sudden and significant changes in the cryptocurrency markets are a common occurrence. Under such choppy conditions, you might want to try an automated...
17-05-2019 21:17

How to Earn Bitcoin Cash Income

Earning cryptocurrency income online has become increasingly popular for more people around the world. Many employers and marketplaces are now offerin...
17-05-2019 21:17

Crescent Cash Users Can Now Send Bitcoin Cash Via Text Messa

On May 15, the BCH-based and open source Android wallet Crescent Cash launched a new feature that allows people to send bitcoin cash through a text me...
17-05-2019 21:17 Aims to Spread Economic Freedom Through P2

On June 4, is launching a peer-to-peer marketplace called that will allow users from around the world to buy and sell bi...
16-05-2019 21:17

Coincheckup Aggregator Makes It Easier to Analyze the Crypto

The importance of reliable market data grows with rising cryptocurrency prices that inevitably attract more investors to the space. There is a wide ch...
16-05-2019 21:17

PR: PBET Merges Online and Physical Gambling Worlds

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
16-05-2019 21:17

Crypto Spring Brings Strong Profits to Next-Generation and O

Over the last few weeks, cryptocurrency markets have been on a tear accumulating considerable gains following the notorious ‘crypto winter.’ Since...
16-05-2019 21:17

From Exxon to Crypto: the Story of Joey King on the Humans o

Joey King, a developer at, is the latest character to have shared his story on the Humans of Bitcoin podcast with Matt Aaron. The intervie...
15-05-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Cash Protocol Successfully Upgrades ? Schnorr Signat

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain has officially upgraded, adding Schnorr signatures and the Segwit recovery exemption. As of block 582680, the chain has i...
15-05-2019 21:17

Keep Track of Important Crypto Events With Coindar

The cryptocurrency space is abundant with events, from blockchain upgrades to platform launches and informal meetups. Coindar is a free calendar tool ...
15-05-2019 21:17

PR: Partners With to Boost Bitcoin C

The partnership will see integrated in the official wallet with almost 4 million users London, United Kingdom –– May 15, 2...
15-05-2019 21:17

SEC Commissioner Says Time Is Right for Bitcoin ETFs ? 3 Fun

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently reviewing three bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), one of which was filed last week ...
15-05-2019 21:17

CME’s Bitcoin Futures Break Records With $1 Billion in

The world’s largest options and futures exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade (CME Group) and its bitcoin futures contracts...
15-05-2019 21:17

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Cleaning up Their Act

Ask a dozen crypto traders for the reason behind the recent rally and you’ll get a dozen different theories. Bakkt futures, Microsoft building on Bi...
15-05-2019 21:17

Our Value of Money Is Subjective But That Doesn’t Make

In my last op-ed, I discussed how the value we place on items and goods is subjective based on Carl Menger’s Subjective Theory of Value and how thes...
14-05-2019 21:17

How to Send Bitcoin Cash via Text Messages to Anyone With a

Cointext allows you to send bitcoin cash (BCH) to anyone with a mobile phone in the regions supported by the service even if you don’t have access t...
14-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Continue to Gather Bullish Mom

Digital asset markets have been surging over the last 24 hours as the market valuation of the entire cryptoconomy has gained over $20 billion. Moreove...
14-05-2019 21:17

Whole Foods and Major Retailers Now Accept Cryptocurrency vi

On May 13, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were pleased to hear that major retailers including Whole Foods, Lowes, Petco, Regal Cinemas, and Gamestop will ...
14-05-2019 21:17

Satoshi Nakamoto Could Be Criminal Mastermind Paul Le Roux

One of the most enduring mysteries of modern times has produced another enthralling twist. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s pseudonymous and enigmatic cr...
13-05-2019 21:17

Learn How to Create BCH Apps With’s Develo

Are you a professional or a hobbyist programmer and want to create cryptocurrency enabled applications"’s Developer Platform offers reso...
13-05-2019 21:17

Russian Prosecutors Fail to Block Crypto Website

A court case in Russia has signaled a change in the attitude authorities have towards the cryptocurrency space, at least on first glance. An online po...
13-05-2019 21:17

Crypto Meets Techno and Binance Security Breach in the Weekl

Crypto meets techno with BCH-inspired music and discussion of the aftermath of the Binance security breach. In addition to learning about the latest d...
12-05-2019 21:17

Schnorr Signatures Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash ? Here?s What

On Wednesday, May 15, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will be upgraded to incorporate the highly anticipated Schnorr signature algorithm, a digital sig...
12-05-2019 21:17

Track Rising Crypto Prices With

Cryptocurrency markets are booming this weekend and traders need adequate and timely information about prices and trends. is an online pl...
12-05-2019 21:17

Bitcoin History Part 12: When No One Wanted Your BTC

Today, bitcoin is so precious that its hodlers are prone to locking their keys away inside nuclear bunkers, bank vaults, and military grade hardware w...
12-05-2019 21:17

Indian Crypto Traders Undeterred by Ban Rumor

The Indian crypto community is undeterred by the widespread rumor that its government is discussing a bill which could ban some cryptocurrencies. Loca...
12-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Crypto Bulls Outpace Stocks and Gold

Cryptocurrency markets have been doing extremely well over the last 48 hours, making a lot of prior skeptics think the bearish crypto winter may have ...
12-05-2019 21:17

Three Very Different Paths to Blockchain Scaling

How do you scale a blockchain so that it can process hundreds or even thousands of transactions per second – but without compromising on decentraliz...
12-05-2019 21:17

SLP-Based Token ACD to Gain Traction With Acceptance at Thou

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) has garnered a lot of attention over the last few months as there’s been a wide variety of tokens created on top of...
11-05-2019 21:17

Decryptionary Helps New Investors Understand Crypto Terms

Rising cryptocurrency markets may once again arouse the interest of new investors. The crypto space has its specifics and it takes some effort to acqu...
11-05-2019 21:17

Crypto Heresy: Question Blockstream on Twitter and You’

Crypto Twitter (CT) is a grueling battleground between digital currency enthusiasts, company executives, maximalists, journalists, lawyers, and so-cal...
10-05-2019 21:17

How to Generate QR Codes for Crypto Payments

Businesses and projects in the crypto space have an incentive to facilitate cryptocurrency payments for their customers and users. With QR codes, acqu...
10-05-2019 21:17

Deepdotweb Duo Indicted for Linking to Darknet Markets

Federal indictments unsealed on May 8 have revealed further details of the case against Deepdotweb’s operators. Tal Prihar, 37, an Israeli citizen r...
10-05-2019 21:17

PR: ACD Launches Coin Buy Back Project

ACD’s new exciting project is the brainchild of’s CEO Roger Ver and ACD’s CEO Yasuhiro Sonoda. ACD has decided to start the “ACD C...
10-05-2019 21:17

Renewed Market Growth Has Sparked Demand for Crypto-Backed L

With cryptocurrency markets back to life, hodling sounds like a smart strategy once again. Cryptocurrency owners are now more likely to pledge coins t...
10-05-2019 21:17

Crypto Adoption Remains Strong in Venezuela Amid Political C

The political tension in Venezuela has affected local cryptocurrency adoption. While there are roadblocks, many crypto-advocating projects continue to...
10-05-2019 21:17

Bitcoin’s Software Has Been Rolled Back Before

When Binance lost $40 million to hackers this week, the crypto community discussed reorganizing the chain after it was suggested by a developer from M...
10-05-2019 21:17

Despite $100K Pledged to Charity, Adam Back Remains Silent O

There’s over $100,000 on the line that could be given to charity for about an hour of Adam Back’s time. If he chooses to debate Bitcoin Unlimitedâ...
09-05-2019 21:17

Why Cryptocurrency Investors Are Renouncing Their US Citizen

Andrew Henderson is the founder of Nomad Capitalist, a company which helps people from around the world move to different countries while minimizing t...
09-05-2019 21:17

Stay in Touch With Markets Using the Cryptowatch App

Cryptocurrency prices and market trends are constantly in flux. Cryptowatch is an Android Wear application that updates users about price changes on t...
09-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Show Strong Recovery After Bin

Cryptocurrency markets are doing much better the day after the digital asset exchange Binance lost roughly 7,000 BTC ($40 million). Immediately after ...
09-05-2019 21:17

Blockchain Researchers Mock Craig Wright’s Unsealed Bi

The ongoing lawsuit between the relatives of Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright continues to unfold as a filing has been unsealed that shows a list of addr...
08-05-2019 21:17

Major Players Discuss BTC Rollback Following an Alleged Exch

The idea of rolling back the clock on cryptocurrency transactions to reverse a situation people are unhappy with is highly contentious. As such, many ...
08-05-2019 21:17

PR: and Cred Partner to Offer Lending and Borrow customers to earn up to 10% interest on BTC and BCH SAN FRANCISCO and TOKYO–, the leading source for Bitcoin information wit...
08-05-2019 21:17

Keys4coins Lets You Buy Digital Video Game Licenses With Bit

Video gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world right now and as most PC games are sold online to a young and tech-savvy demographic, ...
08-05-2019 21:17

Feds Seize News Site Deepdotweb as Darknet Crackdown Intensi

The FBI, working in conjunction with its European partners, has struck another blow against darknet markets (DNMs). On this occasion, it’s a particu...
08-05-2019 21:17

Schnorr Signatures Await Bitcoin Cash as the Next Fork Draws

The Bitcoin Cash network is scheduled to fork on May 15 and the community has been steadily preparing for the next upgrade, which will entail the addi...
07-05-2019 21:17

Coin 360 Provides Color-Based Crypto Market Data

Websites dedicated to cryptocurrency data are prone to looking dull and overcrowded with numbers, percentages and charts that may put off newcomers to...
07-05-2019 21:17

New York Prosecutors Demand Transparency From Bitfinex and T

The crypto community has been laser focused on the current dilemma between Bitfinex exchange and New York prosecutors over the loss of $900 million of...
06-05-2019 21:17

Don?t Trust Bitcoin Mixers and Other Opsec Lessons From the

When darknet markets are shut down these days, the arrests don?t generate much fanfare. There?s a day of press at best, and then the media moves on to...
06-05-2019 21:17

Putting an End to the Bitcoin Store of Value Fallacy

Over the last few years, many have claimed that bitcoin core (BTC) has turned into, or will soon become, a store of value (SoV). Proponents of the BTC...
06-05-2019 21:17

Decentralized BCH Exchange and a New Giveaway in the Weekly

Decentralized exchange Bisq gets forked for bitcoin cash (BCH) and the r/BTC subreddit reaches 250,000 subscribers. In addition to learning about the ...
05-05-2019 21:17 Celebrates 4 Million Wallets Created

Today we’re celebrating a milestone as the Wallet has seen a whopping 4 million wallets created since the light client launched. The wal...
05-05-2019 21:17

Québec Allocates 300 MW Energy Quota for Crypto Mining

Québec, the resource-rich Canadian province, has made up its mind about cryptocurrency mining. Régie de l?énergie, the region?s energy regulator, has ...
05-05-2019 21:17

Pay for Flights on Your Next Business Trip With Bitcoin Cash

Businesses and startups in the cryptocurrency industry are a growing force around the world and services providers are taking note. U.K.’s Corporate...
05-05-2019 21:17

Craig Wright Ordered to Produce a List of Early Bitcoin Addr

On April 28, the high profile Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit heated up when the plaintiffs alleged Craig Wright submitted forged evidence before the court....
04-05-2019 21:17

Celsius Wallet App Offers Interest and Loans for Your Crypto

With crypto markets rising, hodling seems to be a sound investment strategy once again. If you have coins you want to keep, you can earn some interest...
04-05-2019 21:17

New Website Promises to Unveil Satoshi Nakamoto in 10 Days

The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, which has beguiled internet sleuths for years, has taken another bizarre turn. A new website, Got Satoshi, shows a coun...
04-05-2019 21:17

Alternative Bitcoin Cash Full Node Bchd Now Includes Public

On May 3, the developers behind the Bchd project, a Bitcoin Cash full node implementation written in Go (golang), announced the release of a public ap...
04-05-2019 21:17

Chaos Reigns as Darknet Markets are Downed

In the last 72 hours, numerous darknet markets (DNMs) have been downed in a concerted DDoS attack. Meanwhile, Europol has been crowing over its succes...
03-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Optimism Grows as Cryptocurrency Prices Surg

Cryptocurrency markets are seeing fresh gains today as the entire cryptoconomy has gathered $186 billion market valuation after gaining $16 billion ov...
03-05-2019 21:17

47% of Institutional Investors Welcome Crypto Investments, S

A new study reveals surging investments in cryptocurrencies by institutional investors, with almost half of them viewing crypto assets as having a pla...
03-05-2019 21:17

How to Find a Crypto-Themed Template for Your Website

Maintaining an online platform to promote products and services is a necessity in the crypto industry. Even if a new project is on a tight budget, the...
03-05-2019 21:17

$500K of BCH Shuffled in Record-Breaking Cashshuffle Transac

On May 1, Cashshuffle participants shattered records by shuffling 1,774 BCH ($478K) following a $284K shuffle two days prior. In addition to the big s...
03-05-2019 21:17

Former Mod Explains R/Bitcoin Censorship and Why He Was Remo

On May 2, the podcast series Humans of Bitcoin published an interview with early bitcoin supporter Jason King who became a moderator for R...
03-05-2019 21:17

How to Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments With Coingate

Receiving cryptocurrency payments is an option many companies have explored and implemented in the past few years. Online merchants can use a growing ...
03-05-2019 21:17

New Video Series Debuts ? How Bitcoin Cash Will Change the W has launched a new video series for the crypto-curious, with a crisp new look and an easy to understand, lighthearted narrative style. The...
03-05-2019 21:17

Crypto Community Monitors Bitfinex Wallets and the Strange 6

Whether cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe the stablecoin controversy is worrisome or mere FUD, the news surrounding the $850 million of Bitfinex fund...
03-05-2019 21:17

The Number of Cryptocurrency Wallet Users Keeps Rising

Data published recently shows that the number of cryptocurrency wallet users has been steadily increasing over the years, almost independently of the ...
03-05-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Recover as Bitcoin Cash Leads

On April 25, cryptocurrency markets tumbled after the controversy between the New York Attorney General?s (NYAG) office, the stablecoin company Tether...
01-05-2019 21:17

11 Cryptocurrency Initiatives Indian Government Has Taken

The Indian government has engaged in numerous crypto-related initiatives and projects while actively drafting the regulatory framework for cryptocurre...
01-05-2019 21:17

Memo Is a Decentralized Social Network Built on Bitcoin Cash

For a while now, the established social networks have been steadily cracking down on groups of users they find to be problematic, sending many people ...
01-05-2019 21:17

Bitpay and Refundo Now Provide Tax Return Payouts in BTC

On April 30, the global cryptocurrency payment processing firm Bitpay announced its partnership with the tax-related financial products and services p...
30-04-2019 21:17

Self-Styled Satoshi Accused of PGP Forgery in Kleiman vs Wri

The Southern District Court of Florida case, Kleiman v. Wright, continues to be one of the 10 most monitored court dockets in the state. On April 28, ...
30-04-2019 21:17

This App Teaches You How to Become a Bitcoin Cash Trader

If you are new to the crypto space and want to learn more about trading there?s a useful app that focuses on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies....
30-04-2019 21:17

Bahrain Increasingly Crypto-Friendly

Bahrain has become increasingly crypto-friendly as half of the companies approved for the country’s regulatory sandbox are now either crypto exchang...
30-04-2019 21:17

PR: CoinAll Lists Ravencoin With 10 BTC Giveaway

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
30-04-2019 21:17

Dozens of Crypto Trademarks Filed in the US This Year

General interest in cryptocurrencies is not what it used to be during the all-time highs of 2017 and established companies in the industry have been r...
30-04-2019 21:17

Bitcoin History Part 11: The First Major Loss of Coins

Since the very start, people have lost bitcoins due to human error. Mislaid wallets, forgotten passwords, broken hard drives, hacks, and scams have co...
30-04-2019 21:17

A Bitcoin Cash Fork of Decentralized Exchange Bisq Is on the

Two Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community members recently offered up a bounty for someone to fork the decentralized trading platform Bisq using BCH as the nat...
29-04-2019 21:17

Bitmain Aims to Leapfrog Competition With Its Next-Gen Bitco

On April 28, the China-based mining rig manufacturer Bitmain Technologies announced the launch of its latest Antminer T17 model which processes roughl...
29-04-2019 21:17

How to Monetize Your Blog or Website With Bitcoin Games

If you have a popular website, blog or even a large mailing list of people interested in cryptocurrencies or online games, there are a few ways to mon...
29-04-2019 21:17

24 Countries and IMF Discuss Global Standards of Crypto Regu

Twenty-four financial authorities and 11 international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, recently gathered ...
29-04-2019 21:17

As Projects Flock to Binance Chain, Its DEX Has a Lot to Liv

You wouldn?t know to look at it, but Binance DEX could soon become the busiest exchange in the cryptosphere. At present, MITH is the only token tradab...
29-04-2019 21:17

Twitter Shenanigans and Tether Probe in the Weekly Video Upd

Cryptocurrency advocates try to get the CEO of Twitter to ban @Bitcoin and the New York Attorney General goes after the company behind Tether. This an...
28-04-2019 21:17

Wizsec Security Blames Coinlab After Mt. Gox Trustee Delays

On April 25, the Mt. Gox civil rehabilitation trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi published a new announcement concerning the deadline for the rehabilitation pl...
28-04-2019 21:17

Blockchain Projects Bloom as Crypto Spring Fuels a Fundraisi

As crypto winter subsides, spring has sprung in the cryptosphere, ushering in green shoots of growth across the board. Attention has largely focused o...
28-04-2019 21:17

How to Start Cloud Mining Bitcoin Cash

You might have contemplated getting into cryptocurrency mining but are concerned that you don’t have the technical skills, time or money to invest i...
28-04-2019 21:17

Finland Begins Regulating Crypto Service Providers

Finland’s president has approved a law to regulate cryptocurrency service providers including exchanges, custodian wallet providers, and issuers of ...
28-04-2019 21:17

More Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets Are Coming to Bitcoin Ca

On April 27, Electron Cash founder Jonald Fyookball revealed a new milestone for the Cashshuffle protocol when he announced the release of the Cashshu...
28-04-2019 21:17

Russia Prepares to Test Cryptocurrencies in Four of Its Regi

The Russian Federation, which is yet to regulate digital assets, is now planning to allow four of its regions to test innovations that are not covered...
27-04-2019 21:17

BCH Developer Builds Onchain Token Auction Console ? SLP Ago

On April 26, software developer Tobias Ruck revealed a new platform he?s been working on called SLP Agora, an onchain trading console written in Rust ...
27-04-2019 21:17

How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet With Cashaddress

Setting up a bitcoin cash wallet is one of the first steps to getting involved in the world of peer-to-peer electronic cash. And while there are many ...
27-04-2019 21:17

Old Twitter Account Gives Away $10K in Bitcoin Cash in 48 Ho

Over the last two days, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed a Twitter handle called @Bitcoininfo tipping a bunch of random individuals and nonp...
27-04-2019 21:17

Markets Update: Crypto Bulls Lose Footing After Stablecoin C

Cryptocurrencies dropped in value yesterday after the New York Attorney General?s court filings against Bitfinex and Tether were published. Currently,...
26-04-2019 21:17
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Circle Releases Another Attestation Report on Stablecoin USDC?s USD Reserves

Circle Releases Another Attestation Report on...

The latest third-party audit of its USD-pegged stablecoin USD Coin has been published by Goldman Sachs-backed crypto finance startup Circle -
Vaulty Aggregates All Your Cryptocurrency Addresses Using a Single Link

Vaulty Aggregates All Your Cryptocurrency Add...

The ability to receive direct crypto payments is of great importance for numerous small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, content creators and non-governmental organizations like charities. Many of them accept different cryptocurrencies and... -
Russian Sberbank Demands Client Provide Data on Cryptocurrency Revenue

Russian Sberbank Demands Client Provide Data ...

Russia?s largest bank Sberbank is making a client disclose information about their cryptocurrency revenue and details of their mining farms -
The Dow Index is Ridiculously Dumb. It Should Have These Stocks Instead.

The Dow Index is Ridiculously Dumb. It Should...

By CCN: The Dow Jones Industrial Average was originally designed as a stand-in for the broad U.S. economy. In theory, the 30 stocks that compose the Dow Jones Industrial Average represents the influence of various sectors over the economy, with each... -
Platform Allows Users to Send and Receive Cryptocurrency With Gadget of Their Choice

Platform Allows Users to Send and Receive Cry...

A mobile-focused platform wants to enable its users to send and receive crypto using the gadget of their choice #SPONSORED -
Bitcoin India Accounts Locked Out for a Month

Bitcoin India Accounts Locked Out for a Month

Unlike banks that have some oversight in how they can control one’s access to their accounts, cryptocurrency exchanges are a law unto their own. Traders using Bitcoin India have found this out the hard way as the exchange has locked them out of... -
Battlefield V Censors World War 2 and I Just Wanted to Kill Some Nazis

Battlefield V Censors World War 2 and I Just ...

By CCN: Battlefield V makes a number of departures from reality, but none is so stark as its erasure of the German Nazi Party. The EA/DICE superhit released the title ? 16th in the series ? last fall. World War II Without Nazis, Japanese, Russians,... -
Uber IPO Smacks Saudi Wealth Fund with $200 Million Loss

Uber IPO Smacks Saudi Wealth Fund with $200 M...

By CCN: The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) was one of the first believers in Uber, ponying up billions of dollars to invest in it back in 2018. Now that the ride-sharing company has finally gone public, the fund stands to be one of the... -
Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drives Markets Higher as Dominance Approaches 55%

Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drives Markets Hi...

Crypto markets moving up this Friday; Bitcoin leading the pack, Cosmos still climbing, BNB and Tezos doing well. Market Wrap Following a week of consolidation crypto markets have started to move again as Bitcoin grinds ever higher. The Friday... -
Dow Skids as Stock Pumpers Fail to Duct-Tape Over 3M’s Earnings Mayhem

Dow Skids as Stock Pumpers Fail to Duct-Tape ...

By CCN: The Dow lagged the broader U.S. stock market on Thursday after industrial conglomerate 3M Co (MMM) reported disappointing quarterly financial results, underscoring a dismal outlook facing the global economy. Dow Lags Its Stock Market Peers... -

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