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Bankera Launches a Global Crypto Backed Lending Solution

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
21-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin History Part 17: That Time Mt. Gox Destroyed 2,609 B

Technically speaking, it’s impossible to destroy bitcoins. But it is possible to send coins to an unspendable address, rendering them redundant to a...
21-09-2019 21:17

How Cryptocurrencies Can Mitigate Some of Brexit’s Neg

Brexit, the European divorce saga that has been going on for years, has created a lot of headaches for politicians and ordinary people on both sides o...
21-09-2019 21:17

Esports, Cannabis and BCH: First AMA With CEO St

Stefan Rust, the new CEO of, sat down to answer all your questions about his work and how furthering Bitcoin Cash adoption advances econom...
21-09-2019 21:17

SLP Token Environment Built on Bitcoin Cash Continues to Exp

According to public data, a number of individuals are creating tokens using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain ever...
20-09-2019 21:17

How Did You Get Into Bitcoin" Crypto Twitter Responds

@ihaveCred and facilitated by @EvilleAlly @RigelRobinson September 12, 2019 An Innovative New Industry Some entrants to the holy church of crypto app...
20-09-2019 21:17

CC Forum – Blockchain and AI Investment Forum

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre London, UK 14-16 October 2019 will see one of the world’s major industry events. Following our...
20-09-2019 21:17

Popular Smartphone Apps Are Adding Crypto Capabilities

News of Japan messaging giant Line’s September 17 launch of an app-connected crypto exchange is captivating lots of attention in the crypto and tech...
20-09-2019 21:17

VERDAD is the Most Dangerous Crypto Bill to Face Congress Ye

The U.S. Congress is considering more than 20 bills on cryptocurrency. One deserves special attention: S.1025, the Venezuela Emergency Relief, Democra...
20-09-2019 21:17

North Korea Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency to Bypass Economi

A North Korean official claims that a Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) cryptocurrency is on the horizon. According to a delegate for the...
19-09-2019 21:17

Changes Afoot for Philippine Crypto-Friendly Economic Zone

The special economic zone in the Philippines known for its crypto friendliness is undergoing some changes. Government-owned Cagayan Economic Zone Auth...
19-09-2019 21:17

The Changing Shape of Crypto Funding in 2019

2019 was meant to be the year of the IEO. Or was it the STO" Whatever the case, it’s had its share of both, with mixed results. While the number of ...
19-09-2019 21:17

Tiny Block Advocates Speak Up After Veriblock ‘Abuses&

The BTC community recently celebrated the fact that Segregated Witness (Segwit) transactions accounted for 50% of transactions and bech32 transactions...
19-09-2019 21:17

Taxation Isn’t Just Theft ? It?s Bad for Crypto Adopti

Crypto awareness is reaching levels almost unimaginable just years ago, with telecommunications giants, big banks, mainstream media, and even professi...
19-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Cash Futures Expected to Open up US Market by Q1 202

Futures contracts on bitcoin cash can be available at a CFTC-regulated exchange by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2020. This will allow ...
18-09-2019 21:18

Snowden: US Seizing My Book Revenue is ‘Good for Bitco

Former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor Edward Snowden is being sued by the Department of Justice (DoJ) for his latest memoir. The ag...
18-09-2019 21:18

10 Tax Tools to Help Crypto Owners

While tax laws on cryptocurrency vary by jurisdiction, there are many useful tools to help you calculate crypto taxes, lower your tax liabilities, and...
18-09-2019 21:18

Meet Nimbus, a Concept for Enhancing BCH Smart Contracts

On Monday, software developer Tobias Ruck introduced a new transaction version for the BCH chain called Nimbus in a demonstration video. The introduct...
18-09-2019 21:18

18,000 Traders and Growing –’s Crypt

Since launched, our premier trading platform has seen a significant influx of users from Asia and Europe. So far, the grand openi...
17-09-2019 21:17

Indian Parliament Member Helping Crypto Community Influence

The Indian crypto community has made progress towards influencing the government’s crypto policies. Some industry leaders have met with an influenti...
17-09-2019 21:17

FATF-Driven Delistings Capture the Criminalization of Privac

The delisting of privacy coins like monero, zcash, and dash is becoming something of a trend in Asia, and could soon expand elsewhere. In the wake of ...
17-09-2019 21:17

Here?s How Europeans Can Deal With Negative Interest Rates

Low and negative interest rates have been a burden for account holders across Europe for some time. And it’s only getting worse, as the European Cen...
17-09-2019 21:17

BCH Microblog ‘Member’ Shows the Future of Reddi

Since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade in May 2018, software developers have unleashed a slew of microblogging protocols that utilize OP_return transactions. ...
17-09-2019 21:17

PR: Liven Announces Strategic Partnership with

Liven, the lifestyle rewards app that lets users spend and earn cryptocurrency rewards in over 1,000 restaurants across Australia, is introducing Bitc...
16-09-2019 21:17

How Crypto Became a Gambler?s Paradise

Comparing cryptocurrency trading to gambling is like comparing crypto tribalism to religion: the analogy is correct, but it’s also tired. What bears...
16-09-2019 21:17

European Countries Step Up Response to Facebook’s Libr

The European Central Bank (ECB) and a number of countries in the region have stepped up their efforts in response to Facebook’s Libra, which has rev...
16-09-2019 21:17

PR: Announces Partnership With Telecommunication

World’s leading telecom manufacturer strikes a partnership to support wallets and Bitcoin Cash on flagship products to be sold worldwide Taipei, Tai...
16-09-2019 21:17

HTC Adds Native Bitcoin Cash Support to Its Flagship Smartph

The bitcoin cash community now has a new way to secure and transact its digital money, as HTC adds native BCH support to its Exodus 1 smartphone. A ke...
16-09-2019 21:17

At Least 19 Central Banks Give Way to Monetary Easing As Eco

In a coordinated fashion, more than 18 central banks worldwide have or plan to cut interest rates, sparking a domino effect of monetary easing. It’s...
16-09-2019 21:17

A Short History of the World?s Largest Bitcoin Mining Pools

Mining pools grow and shrink, and rise and fall altogether. Today there are more extinct mining pools than there are active ones. The hashpower of the...
15-09-2019 21:17

Distrust of the Bolivar Prompts Venezuelans to Seek Sound Mo

There’s a small team of committed researchers and activists called the Ryver Bitcoin Cash group surveying Venezuelans, and giving them educational r...
14-09-2019 21:17

How Prime Brokerage Will Affect Crypto Markets

Prime brokerage firms are coming for crypto in what’s likely to be a race of winner-takes-almost-all. Goldman Sachs is synonymous with institutional...
14-09-2019 21:17

Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Why Trump’s Proposed Negative

In a recent tweet, U.S. president Donald Trump delved into an explosive, all-caps-loaded mini-rant about the necessity of getting “interest rates do...
14-09-2019 21:17

Crypto Facilitates Money Transfer for Restricted China

Crypto is not illegal in China, but it is illegal for banks and financial institutions to deal in crypto. It’s also illegal for nationals to send ov...
14-09-2019 21:17 Gathers 56K Accounts and $200M Worth of Tr

Three months ago, launched its over-the-counter BCH marketplace on June 4. Since then, has aggregated more than 56,000 a...
14-09-2019 21:17

Big Banks Won’t Touch Crypto Clients ? But These Small

Cryptocurrencies undoubtedly bring new business opportunities. The expanding industry around digital assets and its customers need more and more servi...
14-09-2019 21:17

Review: Coinfinity?s Card Wallet Provides Tamper-Proof Cold

Outside of exchanges, few cryptocurrency industries are as prosperous as custody. At this stage in Bitcoin’s lifespan, trading crypto and storing cr...
13-09-2019 21:16

PR: and Watford FC Drive Bitcoin Awareness

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
12-09-2019 21:17

Developer Reveals Token Reward Platform Fueled by Bitcoin Ca

There’s a new crypto platform called Honeypoints that just released for beta testing on Apple’s Testflight. The digital currency application creat...
12-09-2019 21:17

Crypto’s Forgotten Altcoins Re-Emerge: A Look at What&

During the crypto bull market of 2017, everybody was happy. It wasn’t just the BTC maximalists, BCH enthusiasts, or proponents of ETH. Privacy coins...
12-09-2019 21:17

Greta Thunberg Joins Satoshi in Questioning Bank Bailouts

Saving planet Earth is a noble goal with many different dimensions. Climate change needs to be addressed vigorously as our world warms up faster than ...
12-09-2019 21:17

PR: Bitmain Announces Highly Anticipated World Digital Minin

Cryptocurrency mining leaders to speak include: Jihan Wu (Bitmain Co-Founder), John Ge (Matrixport CEO), Marco Streng (Genesis Mining CEO), and more. ...
12-09-2019 21:17

Indian Lawmaker Raises Hope of Positive Crypto Regulation

A member of the upper house of the Indian parliament has given the crypto community some advice on what can be done to influence the government’s cr...
12-09-2019 21:17

The Hype Has Faded But Demand Remains for Enterprise Blockch

The days when blockchain was portrayed as a cure-all for businesses of all kinds have gone. Now that the hype has faded, enterprise blockchain project...
12-09-2019 21:17

California City Official Uses Bitcoin Cash to Purchase Canna

In California, cryptocurrency payments are making headway in the cannabis industry as Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett became the first electe...
12-09-2019 21:17

Market Outlook: Uncertainty Builds With Thin Trade Volumes a

Digital currency markets have dropped in value over the last three weeks, losing $25 billion since mid-August. Market prices have been creeping downwa...
11-09-2019 21:17

Connecting Cash to the Internet Using Stablecoins

Most often overlooked in the fintech space is the world’s most scalable and private payment system: cash. It is used in every country around the wor...
11-09-2019 21:17

David Chaum?s Elixxir Invites Smartphone Users to Test Priva

In an age where Google, Facebook and the NSA are known to be harvesting as much as our communications as they can, many people are concerned that onli...
11-09-2019 21:17

Bitmain Launches Next Gen Miner as Bitcoin Hashrate Touches

Last Thursday the China-based mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of two new Antminers that offer hashrates between 53 to 64 terahash...
11-09-2019 21:17

Plans to Build $50M Bitcoin Cash Tech Park Revealed

At the Bitcoin Cash City conference in North Queensland, the CEO of Code Valley, Noel Lovisa, announced plans to build a $50 million dollar Bitcoin Ca...
11-09-2019 21:17

Government Hates Crypto Because It Empowers the People, Not

A recent article from MIT Technology Review has leveraged a somewhat sensationalist headline to stir up fear about bitcoin and crypto. The article, wr...
10-09-2019 21:17

Total Surveillance Coin Will Be a Dystopia if Controlled by

Digital currency provides unprecedented abilities to spy on and control what people do, and having that power in the hands of a few people is very dan...
10-09-2019 21:17

India’s Popular ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire&#

One of the most popular reality TV shows in India called Kaun Banega Crorepati, based on the show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,’ has just given ...
10-09-2019 21:17

Roger Ver Shares His Story in New Video Series

As someone who was there from virtually the start, Roger Ver has seen and done it all in Bitcoin. A tireless evangelist for Bitcoin since long before ...
10-09-2019 21:17

Despite Setbacks, Darknet Markets Show Continuous Growth in

Since the birth of the Silk Road, there’s been a cat and mouse game between global law enforcement and darknet market (DNM) operators. Over the last...
09-09-2019 21:17

Crypto Banking Expands With Positive Interest Rates and New

Banking, in the traditional sense of the term, has become a financial burden for account holders in regions where the era of subzero interest rates ha...
09-09-2019 21:17
09-09-2019 21:17

10 Useful Browser Plugins to Help Crypto Users

There are many different browser extensions or plugins that benefit cryptocurrency users, ranging from price trackers and wallets to those that help c...
09-09-2019 21:17

?Avoid Biased Calculations? Says Crypto Researcher After Che

On Friday, crypto analytics site Messari and data analyst Zack Voell shared a controversial chart called “Bitcoin Cash versus Lightning,” which cl...
09-09-2019 21:17

The 3 Top Drivers of Crypto Adoption – BCH City Wrap-U

With Townsville, Australia’s Bitcoin Cash City conference and related post-conference events now all wrapped up, participants are heading home to ge...
08-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin?s Scaling Problems Forced Facebook to Launch Libra

If it wasn’t for Bitcoin there would be no Libra. That much is self-evident, since Satoshi’s creation laid the groundwork for every crypto asset t...
08-09-2019 21:17

PR: Hashcube Announces Bitcoin Mining Investment Forum in Th

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
08-09-2019 21:17

You Can Buy a Dream Car With Bitcoin Cash at

Buying a new car is always a thrill. Purchasing a luxury vehicle, a roadster or a classic even more so. But such an enjoyable acquisition is usually a...
08-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin’s Early Days: How Crypto’s Past Is Much

Over the last 24 hours, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been discussing a transaction that saw 94,000 BTC sent to an unknown wallet. The hoopla over t...
08-09-2019 21:17

Bitcoin Cash-Powered File Storage Concept Sparks Interest an

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents were introduced to a new project called the Cashweb protocol on Friday. The blockchain file sharing scheme allows people...
07-09-2019 21:17

Keene New Hampshire Is Not Only a Libertarian Enclave –

Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of attention directed toward destinations like Slovenia, North Queensland, Japan, and Venezuela which c...
06-09-2019 21:18

Bitcoin ETF: How SEC Exemptions Help Firms Offer Interim Pro

There are several exemptions the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) offers that allow companies to launch their bitcoin investment products...
06-09-2019 21:18

Venezuelans Fighting Economic Hardship Discover Crypto’

For quite some time now, Venezuela has been suffering from a political crisis and a collapsing economy. Venezuelans dealing with rampant inflation con...
06-09-2019 21:18

Capital Controls in Argentina Demonstrate Dangers of Governm

The current financial system, with governments and central banks controlling the flow of money, creates impediments for people’s economic freedom. A...
06-09-2019 21:18

3-Day Japan Bitcoin Cash Survival Challenge

Among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Tokyo is often mentioned as one of the most crypto-friendly cities in the world. Recently, it has especially become ...
05-09-2019 21:17

Emergent Coding, Adoption Incentives and Practical Use ̵

The Bitcoin Cash City conference in North Queensland has just wrapped up, and participants are now unwinding after two consecutive days of presentatio...
05-09-2019 21:17

Simple Ledger Protocol Announces Virtual Hackathon Devoted t

For 72 hours on Sep. 27-30, teams from around the world will participate in a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Virtual Hackathon. Participants will compet...
05-09-2019 21:17

PR: Launches Multifunctional Payment Aggregator

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
05-09-2019 21:17

5 Key Concepts from Day One at Bitcoin Cash City

With day one of North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City all wrapped up, conference attendees were left with an overflow of big ideas to distill, proces...
05-09-2019 21:17

Cryptocurrency Projects Are Upping Their Privacy Game

What you do with your digital currency ought to be nobody else’s business. Unfortunately, law enforcement, regulators, blockchain forensics firms an...
05-09-2019 21:17

Fantasy Sports Giant Fanduel Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

The second-largest fantasy sports provider Fanduel has revealed customers can make deposits on the platform using cryptocurrency. Fanduel members can ...
04-09-2019 21:19

Indian Government’s New Report Views Crypto Positively

A new Indian government report has put cryptocurrency in a positive light, viewing the mechanisms surrounding it, including initial coin offerings, as...
04-09-2019 21:19

Dutch Central Bank Prepares to Start Regulating Crypto Secto

The central bank of the Netherlands is preparing to supervise the country’s crypto sector. The bank has requested crypto exchanges and wallet provid...
04-09-2019 21:19

World?s Biggest Bitcoin Cash Conference Kicks Off in Austral

Arguably set to become the world’s biggest Bitcoin Cash conference yet, Bitcoin Cash City kicked off today in sunny Townsville, North Queensland. Th...
04-09-2019 21:19

New Storm Concept Could Strengthen Bitcoin Cash Instant Tran

Software developer Awemany has published a potential alternative approach to instant transactions on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network called “delta bl...
03-09-2019 21:18

Why Portugal?s Tax-Free Crypto Trading Matters for Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses in the industry have had to put up with regulatory uncertainty for quite some time. The strong desire to tap...
03-09-2019 21:18

Indian Exchanges Innovate as Calls for Positive Crypto Regul

Indian crypto exchanges are innovating, launching new products and improving services for their users, despite the country’s regulatory uncertainty ...
03-09-2019 21:18

Crypto Payments Startup Eligma Raises ?4 Million From Bitcoi

Many retail stores would like to welcome the added business that the crypto community brings, but find that they don’t have the capability to do so ...
03-09-2019 21:18

Craig Wright to Challenge Judge’s Ruling in the Billio

Craig Wright is looking to challenge Judge Reinhart’s decision and has asked the court for an extension of time in order to dispute the August 27 ru...
03-09-2019 21:18

Crypto Needs Less Government Regulation ? Not More

A recent opinion article by Peter Lin, “Why Regulation Is The Best Thing For Crypto,” presents common arguments on why the state and state-affilia...
03-09-2019 21:18

‘We’re Going to Find You’ – How Unde

An Australian national living in Boulder, Colorado was slammed with a one year and a day prison sentence last month for trading bitcoins. An August 23...
02-09-2019 21:17’s Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Now L

We’ve just launched our premier trading platform and registered users can access it right now. Since we announced pre-registrat...
02-09-2019 21:17

Why the Birth of Bitcoin Can Be Traced Back to 1971

The world economy is a complex system that has undergone many different phases in the past century. As strange as it may sound today, there have been ...
01-09-2019 21:17

More Than 70 Projects and Applications Built Around Bitcoin

Over the last two years, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network’s protocol and third-party infrastructure have grown in robust fashion. There are now more t...
01-09-2019 21:17

Tether Plans to Mint Digital Yuan and Commodity Coins, Says

Tether Holdings, the firm that issues tether (USDT), has plans to launch an offshore Chinese yuan stablecoin called CNHT. Tether’s digital dollar pr...
31-08-2019 21:16

What?s Being Built ? and What?s Not ? on 2019?s Smart Contra

Has anyone checked in with EOS lately, to see how it’s doing" How about Tezos – any signs of life there" In mid 2017, two of the largest token sal...
30-08-2019 21:17

Check Out the New Featured Tokens on’s Mar has just launched a Featured Tokens page, allowing coin creators with unique tokens to apply for a listing through a simple review...
30-08-2019 21:17

Agorism and Bitcoin: Free People Don’t Ask Maxine Wate

Anti-agorism Congressional Representative Maxine Waters still has misgivings about Facebook’s proposed Libra digital currency, even after meeting wi...
30-08-2019 21:17

Crypto Lending Platforms Prepare to Assail the Banking Syste

The battle lines have been drawn and the troops assembled. On the one side stands the combined might of the banking cartels, centuries of deeply entre...
30-08-2019 21:17

Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin Cash Shine During Hong Kong

The Hong Kong protests started in June 2019 over a controversial bill and now after weeks of demonstrations, marching citizens are fighting for the fu...
29-08-2019 21:18

How Market Makers Inject Liquidity Into the Cryptoconomy

Market makers have a reputation that is entirely disproportionate to what they do. Despite what half of crypto Twitter would have you believe, MMs, as...
29-08-2019 21:18

PR: Partners with Resistance – the Next Ge

August 29th, 2019 – Last week, the Resistance team met with CEO Stefan Rust, and other members of the organization, to discu...
29-08-2019 21:18

Crypto Can Boost Indian Economy – How Banning Will Hur

The Indian economy is experiencing severe economic slowdown not seen in many years, and cryptocurrency can potentially help. However, the government i...
29-08-2019 21:18

Crypto Salaries Gain Regulatory Recognition Around the World

Salaries paid in decentralized digital coins have become a norm across the crypto industry, but there’s really no reason why cryptocurrencies can’...
29-08-2019 21:18

ERC20 Tether Transactions Flip Their Omni Equivalent

Crypto enthusiasts have noticed that the Ethereum blockchain has come awfully close to reaching capacity due to the added transactions stemming from t...
29-08-2019 21:18
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