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Binance Launches Euro and Pound Fiat-to-Crypto Platform in J

European and British investors looking for a gateway to covert their fiat into cryptocurrency have just gotten another venue to trade on. Popular digi...
16-01-2019 21:16

Venezuelan President Raises Petro’s Value Again in Bid

For the second time in a little over a month, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has hiked up the value of the national cryptocurrency, the petro,...
16-01-2019 21:16

French ATM Glitches and Bank Closures Reported After Schedul

The grassroots yellow vest movement in France has been participating in protests for weeks on end. Just recently, high profile yellow vest members hav...
16-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: New Platform to Offer Tokenized Securities, Ledge

In today?s edition of The Daily, we cover a number of stories that are of importance to cryptocurrency traders. A new trading platform is set to offer...
16-01-2019 21:16

Clickbait Media Uses Bitcoin and Russia to Pump Headlines Ag

In the past week or so, a number of publications, including cryptocurrency websites, but also “reputable” mainstream outlets, have given stage to ...
16-01-2019 21:16

How Indian Crypto Users Avoid Banks Closing Their Accounts

Banks in India have been closing the accounts of customers they believe have made transactions involving cryptocurrencies. The majority of crypto user...
16-01-2019 21:16

Cashshuffle Developer Says Privacy Project Nears Completion

One of the Cashshuffle development team contributors, Josh Ellithorpe, revealed on Jan. 14 that the BCH-focused privacy shuffling protocol is near com...
16-01-2019 21:16

Chatter Report: Pacia Shows Avalanche Regtest Data, Powell A

In today’s chatter report, Chris Pacia reveals his BCH transaction using Avalanche on regtest finalized in just 185.822377 milliseconds. Also, Chang...
16-01-2019 21:16

What UK Bitcoin Investors Should Know as Tax Deadline Approa

The deadline for submitting tax returns in the UK is Jan. 31, 2019. If you hold investments in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency it is important to ...
16-01-2019 21:16

Review: HTC’s Exodus 1 Is an Impressive Phone With a B

After weeks of delays and hundreds of frustrated customer messages in its Telegram channel, HTC finally shipped its ?blockchain phone? on Jan. 14. The...
16-01-2019 21:16

Dropgangs and Dead Drops: Report Highlights Evolving Darknet

Since the creation and subsequent takedown of the darknet marketplace the Silk Road, the hidden market ecosystem has exploded with inventive solutions...
15-01-2019 21:16

Analysis: Using Technical Indicators to Trade Crypto in 2019

Technical analysis (TA) has been used to trade crypto since its inception. Traders claim that through careful analysis of historical data and focus on...
15-01-2019 21:16

Canadian Electoral Agency Clarifies Cryptocurrency Donations

Canada’s electoral body has started consultations on how political parties should handle cryptocurrency donations ahead of general elections slated ...
15-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Bittrex Opens OTC Desk, Bakkt Acquires Futures Te

In today?s edition of The Daily, we cover a number of stories that show how the cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving to become more inviting to instit...
15-01-2019 21:16

Malaysia Starts Regulating Cryptocurrencies Today

Malaysia?s finance minister has announced that the order to regulate cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings as securities has come into force. Cr...
15-01-2019 21:16

St. Louis Federal Reserve Predicts ‘Flood’ of Al

The St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve bank has published a report seeking to examine the long-term prospects of BTC as an investment. The paper ...
15-01-2019 21:16

Denmark?s Tax Agency to Collect Information About Bitcoin Tr

Danish tax authorities will soon be going after cryptocurrency traders in the country and beyond. The plan is to collect data from local bitcoin excha...
15-01-2019 21:16

Chatter Report: Antonopoulos on Rolling Checkpoints, Vays De

In today’s roundup of crypto chatter, Andreas Antonopoulos explains rolling checkpoints and how consensus is achieved between miners, developers, ex...
15-01-2019 21:16

Bulgarian Tax Authority to Inspect Crypto Exchanges and Trad

The National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria is preparing to conduct inspections on cryptocurrency trading platforms and their customers. The authority wan...
15-01-2019 21:16

Crypto Impersonation Scammers on Social Media Raked in Milli

Over the last two years, as cryptocurrencies gained mainstream attention, scammers have become far more prevalent. One particular social media scam th...
15-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Twitch Gamer Tipped $70K in Crypto, Hacker Return

In this edition of The Daily, a video gamer streaming on Twitch has received crypto donations totaling over $70,000 and a hacker believed to be behind...
14-01-2019 21:16

Bitmain Pauses Texas Mining Operations, County Officials Rep

According to reports from media outlet Texas Public Radio, the Chinese mining giant Bitmain Technologies has reportedly suspended operations in the to...
14-01-2019 21:16

Marshall Islands Updates 2019 Roadmap for Sovereign Cryptocu

The Marshall Islands? plan to issue a sovereign cryptocurrency, dubbed ?the Sovereign? (SOV), appears to be progressing, with the Oceanic nation annou...
14-01-2019 21:16

Latin American P2P Bitcoin Markets Defy Global Trend to Set

The Latin American peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency markets have a seen a significant spike heading into 2019, with the Colombian, Peruvian, and Vene...
14-01-2019 21:16

How to Generate a Bitcoin Address With Your Own Name

You don?t have to be vain to want a vanity address. A bitcoin vanity address is the crypto equivalent of a personalized license plate, with a portion ...
14-01-2019 21:16

Venezuelan BCH Proponents Bolster Cryptocurrency Use Cases a

In the midst of a severe economic depression and the devaluation of the Venezuelan bolívar, bitcoin cash (BCH) supporters have been teaching people ab...
14-01-2019 21:16

Cryptocurrency Conferences Continue to Thrive Despite Indust

Over the last year, cryptocurrency prices have dropped significantly and mainstream attention has been waning in recent months. However, according to ...
14-01-2019 21:16

Why Some Crypto Companies Consider KYC and AML Compliance Un

When it comes to cryptocurrency regulation, there is a lack of consensus on how to protect investors. Criminal activity such as fraud, hacks and theft...
14-01-2019 21:16

Thai Startup Atomicpay Launches Non-Custodial Crypto Payment

Atomicpay, a Thai-registered payments startup, has officially launched its non-custodial cryptocurrency payment terminal for merchants throughout the ...
13-01-2019 21:16

Newspaper Ad Seeks Donations for Bitcoin Baby?s College Fund

Despite being just one week old, Izabella Bowles carries great expectations upon her tiny shoulders. The baby, born on Jan. 6, will go to college when...
13-01-2019 21:16

PR: Fomo2Moon – A Blockchain Lottery for Everyone

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
13-01-2019 21:16

Russia Not Ready for the Petro, Proposes Plan to Aid Venezue

Acknowledging Venezuela?s efforts to deal with inflation and sanctions by creating a state-issued cryptocurrency, Russian officials have nevertheless ...
13-01-2019 21:16

Cryptocurrency Still a Gray Area in Malaysia After Governmen

Malaysia’s government still hasn’t made up its mind on what to do with cryptocurrencies. The country’s finance minister last year warned compani...
13-01-2019 21:16

9 Crypto Firms Sue Washington State Utility Over 50 Percent

A major utility in the U.S. state of Washington, Grant County public utility district, and its commissioners are facing a lawsuit filed by nine crypto...
13-01-2019 21:16

Sideshift App Demonstrates a Trade Between Lightning Network

Back in October reported on the influx of development tied to Drivechain, a project initiated by software developer Paul Sztorc. At t...
13-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: NYC to Launch Blockchain Center, Wyoming Advances

In today?s edition of The Daily, we feature a couple of stories that show how, despite the current downturn in the cryptocurrency markets, different l...
13-01-2019 21:16

Japanese Regulator Clarifies Stance on Bitcoin ETFs and Deri

Japan?s top financial regulator has clarified to its stance on bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrency derivatives, and ...
13-01-2019 21:16

No, IBM?s Quantum Computer Won?t Break Bitcoin

IBM recently unveiled its Q System One at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, with the company describing the quantum computer as being develope...
13-01-2019 21:16

A Look at Some of the ‘Next Generation’ Bitcoin

Over the last year, cryptocurrencies have lost a lot of value yet bitcoin miners continue to process transactions and earn block rewards. A bunch of n...
12-01-2019 21:16

Wendy McElroy: Interview With Jeffrey Tucker on All Things C

Interview with Jeffrey Tucker on All Things Crypto, Part Two Conducted by Wendy McElroy The multi-faceted Jeffrey Tucker is an American writer who foc...
12-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Genesis Reports 50% Increase in OTC Volume, Bittr

OTC crypto platform Genesis Global Trading has increased its annual trading volume by 50 percent and we’ve got the details in this edition of The Da...
12-01-2019 21:16

Japan Approves 17th Crypto Exchange ? Its First in Over a Ye

It has been over a year since Japan?s Financial Services Agency last approved a cryptocurrency exchange to legally operate in the country. Coincheck, ...
12-01-2019 21:16

Acquiring Crypto: Simple Steps to Buying Your First Bitcoin

There?s a good chance you’ve talked to a friend about Bitcoin. Or maybe heard about this “crazy digital currency” in the news, but haven?t tried...
12-01-2019 21:16

Bitcoin History Part 8: When 1,500 BTC Cost Less Than $1

How much is one bitcoin worth" In fiat currency terms, that?s a constantly shifting answer, but ever since the beginning, the following has held true:...
12-01-2019 21:16

UTXO Analysis Points to a BTC Price Bottom in Q1 2019

?When will the bear market end"? is the refrain of bored and frustrated traders across crypto Twitter. ?Soon? is the answer suggested by Delphi Digita...
12-01-2019 21:16

Mongolia?s Cheap Electricity Draws Japanese Bitcoin Miners S

A combination of cheap electricity and cold weather has started to draw a growing number of Japanese bitcoin miners to Mongolia, a country sandwiched ...
12-01-2019 21:16

Indian Bank Forcing Customers to Agree to Anti-Cryptocurrenc

An Indian bank is reportedly forcing customers to agree that they “will not deal with any transactions related to cryptocurrency including bitcoinsâ...
11-01-2019 21:16

Pavel Durov Closes UK-Based Company Telegram Messenger LLP

Russian-born entrepreneur Pavel Durov is liquidating Telegram Messenger LLP, the Britain-based company behind the popular messaging service Telegram. ...
11-01-2019 21:16

Block Propagation Startup Bloxroute Partners With Mining Ope

On Thursday, Bloxroute Labs announced a partnership with the China-based mining operation Rawpool Group and global video communication software firm Y...
11-01-2019 21:16

The Differences Between Forex and Crypto Trading

Many would argue that comparing cryptocurrency trading with forex is like comparing apples and oranges, but that’s not entirely accurate. On closer ...
11-01-2019 21:16

PR: Bitex Global Launches XBX on Global Exchanges

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
11-01-2019 21:16

Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With’s D

Over six months ago, launched a dedicated development page for programmers working on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. More recently, our w...
11-01-2019 21:16

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables

In recent cryptocurrency exchange news, Huobi?s EOS exchange has entered trial operations, Sharespost has facilitated a secondary trade of the BCAP se...
11-01-2019 21:16

China Announces New Regulations for Blockchain Companies to

China is coming down hard on blockchain companies, even though the government appears to favor blockchain over cryptocurrency. The Cyberspace Administ...
11-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Critical Bug Found in Beam Wallet, Wirex Adds Ano

In Friday?s edition of The Daily, we cover the news about a vulnerability found in the Beam Wallet days after the launch of the Mimblewimble-based coi...
11-01-2019 21:16

PR: Bitbook Launches Online Gambling and Betting Platform

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. is ...
10-01-2019 21:16

The Struggles and Successes of Introducing Crypto to the Unb

How cryptocurrency can help the unbanked has been a hot topic over the past 12 months. It is a laudable goal, but one that it is by no means easy to a...
10-01-2019 21:16

7 Korean Crypto Exchanges Pass Government Security Inspectio

The South Korean government has released the results of its security inspection of cryptocurrency exchanges. Only seven of them passed all 85 of the i...
10-01-2019 21:16

Markets Update: Bearish Momentum Grips Leading Cryptocurrenc

The cryptocurrency markets have produced a slight retracement in response to bitcoin core (BTC) testing a long-term descending trendline dating back t...
10-01-2019 21:16

Fund Providers Insist There’s Enough Market Liquidity

For years, bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been struggling to get off the ground and receive approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange ...
10-01-2019 21:16

It?s Time We Began Pricing Things in Satoshis

What can you buy with a virtual pocketful of satoshis" Why, anything and everything. Whatever goods or services you can purchase with BTC or BCH you c...
10-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Trust Wallet Adds BCH, 35,000 Merchants Get Acces

In today?s edition of The Daily we cover an ethereum wallet that’s added support for bitcoin cash, a deal that grants access to accepting payments i...
10-01-2019 21:16

Report Claims Chinese Mining Giant Bitmain Is Prepping for N

The cryptocurrency mining manufacturer Bitmain may have a new chief executive officer in the near future according to regional reports. Bitmain?s dire...
10-01-2019 21:16

Nick Szabo: Central Banks May Turn to Cryptocurrency Reserve

At the Israel Bitcoin Summit at Tel Aviv University on Jan. 8, veteran cryptographer Nick Szabo explained that the use of censorship-resistant cryptoc...
10-01-2019 21:16

UK Crypto Ventures Raised Over $255 Million VC Funding in 20

Brexit and the sharp downturn in the cryptocurrency markets have not been able to stop the growth of the British crypto industry. End of year figures ...
10-01-2019 21:16

Report Claims Central Banks Are Cautious About Issuing Their

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has published a survey showing that most central central banks are ?proceeding cautiously? on issuing thei...
09-01-2019 21:16

Jason Cox Extends Open Invitation for Assistance With Develo

BCH developer conversations have been taking place ahead of the upcoming May 2019 upgrade. In their latest video meeting, devs agreed that they need t...
09-01-2019 21:16

Venezuela Decrees Crypto Operators Must Pay Taxes in Cryptoc

The Venezuelan government has published a decree requiring taxpayers with crypto operations in the country to pay their taxes in cryptocurrencies. Sim...
09-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Bitpay Adds Multi-Crypto Settlements, Shapeshift

In Wednesday?s edition of The Daily we cover a new feature that will allow Bitpay merchants to automatically diversify their settlements, a downsizing...
09-01-2019 21:16

Review: Wasabi?s Privacy-Focused BTC Wallet Aims to Make Bit

Privacy is relative, but by many people?s reckoning, bitcoin could use greater anonymity. The Bitcoin Core protocol hasn?t changed much over the past ...
09-01-2019 21:16

Nevada Saw an Influx of Blockchain Recorded Marriages in 201

According to public records obtained from Washoe County, home to one of the marriage epicenters of the world in Reno, Nevada, the region saw over 950 ...
09-01-2019 21:16

Developer Releases Cash-DB, a Terab Project Fork for the BCH

On Jan. 7, the technician and researcher Joannes Vermorel announced the release of a new project called Cash-DB, a forked repository for the BCH netwo...
09-01-2019 21:16

Bitcoin ATMs Continue to Spread Across the Globe

There are now over 4,000 bitcoin ATMs throughout the world, global statistics provided by show. Nearly all of them support bitcoin (B...
09-01-2019 21:16

Central Bank Official: Regulators Are Hindering the Developm

An excessive number of regulatory agencies are interfering with the prospects of successful development of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, according to a...
09-01-2019 21:16

Thailand Issues 4 Crypto Licenses, Rejects 2 Exchanges

Thailand has officially granted licenses to three cryptocurrency exchanges and one broker-dealer. Two exchanges have been rejected and one is still be...
09-01-2019 21:16

FBI and Homeland Security Agents Raid Tech Campus Over Unaut

U.S. federal law enforcement authorities are among the most active criminal agencies globally against cryptocurrency infractions. A new example of thi...
08-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Binance Adds Stablecoin Pairs, Tzero Patents Inte

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is opening trading for three stablecoin pairs. Also in Tuesday?s Daily, Overstock?s Tzero has patented a solution to i...
08-01-2019 21:16

Google Play Store Forces Samourai Wallet to Remove Security

Samourai Wallet has announced that, due to the Google Play Store’s “new extremely restrictive policies,” a number of security features are being...
08-01-2019 21:16

Coinbase Suspends Ethereum Classic Following 51 Percent Atta

Coinbase has ceased interactions with the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain after the exchange detected a 51 percent attack on the network. Following ...
08-01-2019 21:16

Connecticut Software Engineering School Receives $10,000 BTC

During the first week of 2019, Holberton School in New Haven, whose two-year higher education program aims to ?drive the digital transformation revolu...
08-01-2019 21:16

Major Mining Pools Have a ?High Die-Off Rate? Study Reveals

On Monday, published a study looking at hashrate history of the most competitive BTC mining pools. The research from the open source cr...
08-01-2019 21:16

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Eye Russia for Expansion Despite Sa

Sanctions imposed by governments as part of geopolitical struggles do not always filter through to under-regulated industries. Ambitious businesses co...
08-01-2019 21:16

Bitblock Publishes Alternative Valuation Model That Suggests

Bitblock Capital has published an alternative mining valuation model for BTC. The company has published a report that examines data from July 2016 to ...
08-01-2019 21:16

Buying and Selling Property With Bitcoin Is More Complex Tha

Buying and selling property using cryptocurrency is less straightforward than was first assumed. The handful of mortgage lenders and realtors who were...
08-01-2019 21:16

Leading Crypto Markets Post Worst Year of Monthly Price Acti

When looking at monthly market performance, 2018 was the bloodiest year in the history of the cryptocurrency markets. Of the seven largest cryptocurre...
08-01-2019 21:16

Colorado Introduces Bill With Securities Law Exemptions for

The U.S. state of Colorado has introduced the “Colorado Digital Token Act” which provides some “exemptions from the state securities laws for cr...
07-01-2019 21:16

Street Artist Hides $1,000 in BTC Inside a Mural Depicting P

Over the last eight weeks, the world has watched the yellow vest protests in France as the grassroots political movement has fought for economic justi...
07-01-2019 21:16

The Daily: Epic Founder Addresses Fortnite Crypto Rumors, Ro

In today?s edition of The Daily we cover reports that Robinhood is working under the radar to hire staff in London for an expansion into the U.K., an ...
07-01-2019 21:16

With Deplatforming on the Rise, Onchain Social Media App Mem

Last year the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community welcomed a BCH-based social media network called Since then Memo has gathered a lot of traction ...
07-01-2019 21:16

Coinflex Exchange to Offer Leveraged BCH and BTC Futures

Hong Kong-based Coinflex exchange has announced plans to offer futures contracts for bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), and ethereum (ETH) with l...
07-01-2019 21:16

Venezuela Wants to Use Petro to Finance Large Housing Progra

Completing a project to build 3 million homes for its suffering population is the next big initiative Venezuela wants to finance with its digital curr...
07-01-2019 21:16

Ledger Unveils Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has unveiled its newest cryptocurrency wallet. The Ledger Nano X is Bluetooth-enabled and can hold up to 100 diffe...
07-01-2019 21:16

Chatter Report: Zhao Says Blocking Customers ?Not up to Us?,

In today’s chatter report, we delve into the Bitcoin Cash community’s responses to re-enabling BCH payments for their travel services...
07-01-2019 21:16

Bitcoin Cash Transaction Fees Were Less Than a Cent Througho

One of the great benefits of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is that miner fees have been consistently inexpensive for well over a year. A typical BCH ...
06-01-2019 21:16

McKinsey: Despite Billions of Dollars, Corporate Blockchains

During the last 18 months, companies have claimed to be able to use blockchain technology to improve the supply of everything from vegetables to autom...
06-01-2019 21:16

Thousands of Banned Binance Customers Remain Cut off by the

Binance, the world?s second largest digital asset exchange by traded volume, has withdrawn its services from countries targeted by U.S. economic sanct...
06-01-2019 21:16

Report: Most Major Crypto Assets Show Close Price Correlatio

The 2018 bear trend brought an increase in correlation across the leading cryptocurrency markets, with recent research indicating that 10 of the top 1...
06-01-2019 21:16

Crypto-Friendly Statesman Takes Over Swiss Presidency

After serving as finance minister of one of the most economically influential nations over the past three years, Ueli Maurer is now starting his term ...
06-01-2019 21:16

Coinbase and Its Troubling History of Customer Account Closu

Coinbase is hailed as a paragon of the cryptocurrency industry, its CEO?s every utterance amplified and its every coin listing over-analyzed. Lauded f...
06-01-2019 21:16

Markets Update: Crypto Analysts Remain Uncertain After 2019&

Since our last markets update, cryptocurrency markets consolidated within a tight range and have been less volatile over the last few days. The market...
06-01-2019 21:16
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News most viewed Today

Binance Foils Cryptopia Hacker by Freezing Stolen Crypto

Binance Foils Cryptopia Hacker by Freezing St...

Binance has frozen some of the funds that were stolen from crypto exchange Cryptopia during the high-profile hack that occurred earlier this week. Binance Puzzled Why Hackers Keep Sending Funds to its Exchange Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced... -
Satoshi’s Vision ‘Not a New VISA’ But An Alternative to Banks, Says Dan Held

Satoshi’s Vision ‘Not a New VISA&...

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto wanted it to be an ?alternative to banks,? not a ?new VISA,? cryptocurrency veteran and former Blockchain executive Dan Held has said. What’s In A ‘Vision’" In a series of tweets January 14, Held became... -
Crypto Exchange Binance Enters European Markets, Launches Binance Jersey

Crypto Exchange Binance Enters European Marke...

Crypto exchange Binance has expanded to European markets with the launch of a new platform for fiat-to-crypto trading of euros and pounds -
Following Bankruptcy Filing, Mining Firm Giga Watt Reportedly Closes Day-to-Day Operations

Following Bankruptcy Filing, Mining Firm Giga...

Former top-five crypto mining firm has reportedly closed access and power to its facilities and shut down day-to-day operations -
Review: HTC’s Exodus 1 Is an Impressive Phone With a Basic Crypto Wallet

Review: HTC’s Exodus 1 Is an Impressive...

After weeks of delays and hundreds of frustrated customer messages in its Telegram channel, HTC finally shipped its ?blockchain phone? on Jan. 14. The HTC Exodus 1 promises an array of features for cryptocurrency users, but the manufacturer couldn?t... -
ConsenSys Joins News Industry Leaders to Invest in New WordPress Publishing Platform

ConsenSys Joins News Industry Leaders to Inve...

ConsenSys has invested in new publishing platform by WordPress and will provide its blockchain-powered native plugin for the newsrooms -
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Here?s Why BTC?s Recovery Won?t Be Easy

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Here?s Why BTC?s Reco...

Bitcoin price declined recently and settled below the $3,700 support area against the US Dollar. There was a break below a crucial contracting triangle with support at $3,780 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from... -
Record US Government Shutdown Prolongs Crypto Winter

Record US Government Shutdown Prolongs Crypto...

If things were not bad enough in crypto land the US government is adding to its woes. The longest shutdown in history is taking its toll on the economy, innovation and the crypto industry. The Waiting Game Continues Regulators are no friends of... -
Analyst: 2019 a Year of Accumulation For Bitcoin, Recovery by Year’s End

Analyst: 2019 a Year of Accumulation For Bitc...

In the past 24 hours, the crypto market has recovered from $120 to $123 billion as the Bitcoin price avoided a further drop below the $3,600 mark. Ethereum has also been able to rebound relatively quickly from the delay of the Constantinople hard... -
Bitwage Now Lets Firms Pay Salaried Staff in Crypto

Bitwage Now Lets Firms Pay Salaried Staff in ...

A new product from Bitwage makes it easier to handle payroll taxes when paying employees in bitcoin or ether. -

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